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Silk screen printing

It’s 9:30pm and away from the din of day, the silence at the studio gives me time to think and bring my ideas to the drawing table. Here is a glimpse into an upcoming design. I am working on a hand printed range and to get the right colour, I will keep exploring a zillion hues till I find the perfect one. Testing all types of papers, ranging from fibrous handmade to the regular mill made. At AP nothing is approved without an actual prototype; my eyes see to believe and my hands touch to feel the emerging piece that the mind has visualised a very long time ago. The Idea germinates till the time is right and when it is time, the various elements fall into place to give you another piece of art. Coming soon.


Today, out of the blue, I picked-up a sliver of Khadi and some red thread. I sewed randomly and realised that with todays machines and softwares; a lot of us are losing touch with real craftsmanship. As designers, we need to experience the ideas we set forth to create.

The last I sewed was over a decade ago, it was a time when I was busy discovering my dexterity in crafts. My solemn promise today is to get back to working with my hands. I have done it well in the past and hope to do more in the days ahead as it brings me closer to my passion. How about you?

Sketch Books

Artist: @ReubenFernandes #PatronsOfAnandPrakash

Reuben is an engineer by profession and an artist by passion. A biker, learning kung-fu and indulging in home-gardening. There is a Royal Enfield Super Delux in his family, purchased in 1986 and has done over 93000 kilometres. Flip through his watercolours above.

Sketch Book by Anand Prakash, banana-fibre paper cover with a Khadi spine. The drawing sheets are handmade from white recycled cotton. Chlorine, acid and lignin free. Available in a variety of sizes. Try and buy at our stores in Kalaghoda(Mumbai) and Shahpur Jat(Delhi)

All art and pictures by Reuben Fernandes

Anonymous Journal & Bookmark

Many moons ago, an anonymous person shared a poem called “my soul is deeply dyed” written by an anonymous poet. Since then, I have always wondered about the anonymous poems and paintings that I come across from time to time. Anonymous donors to charity, anonymous benefactors and anonymous acts of kindness. I was lately told about an anonymous person, who regularly bought a lot of my work to encourage me in my early self-taught career.

– this range is my ode to those anonymous souls living in obscurity, many of them have given us beautiful words and many of them have changed lives by their kindness.

A blank journal and bookmark for the anonymous you…

Tie n Dye

Tie N Dye fabric from here and there.

At Anand Prakash, we pick-up beautiful textiles from across India and this one is from a very long time ago.