People of Anand Prakash

TK Saab, a master die maker only uses a ramshackle magnifying glass similar to the ones used at watch repair shops to view the drawings that we have for him. His simplicity is inspiring and admirable. He proudly shows us his full day bus ticket that he can use to travel seamlessly across Delhi. We enjoy one to one conversations with most of our people, we listen to them; their joys and sorrows, their stories of hope and despair. In the past he had to sell-off two houses to pay for his wife’s medical treatment. Last year his daughter got married, it was a struggle for him to collect funds. He is a proud man, always dressed immaculately. We discuss the tiger that we have given him, he is the only living legend that can make a die of it. He will painstakingly carve out every hair of the tiger. His tools are basic and the work like no other. He keeps telling us about this one cutter that someone got him from London, It’s completely finished with regular use and is hoping we get him a replacement. We have learnt to value his work because he is one of the rare talents that still remains in this field. 

He is and will always be an integral part of the Anand Prakash story.

A surprise a day, 365 days in a year

A surprise gift for one lucky visitor, every day, in every Anand Prakash store. We are always thinking of something new, something to delight our customers with. 

Board game counters

Prototypes. Counters in metal for our upcoming board games. At Anand Prakash, the joy is in the pursuit of doing newer ranges and products.

Sketch books

Leather bound sketch books for the artist in you. Papers are textured and handmade from 100% recycled white cotton. The papers are free of acid, lignin and chlorine/bleach. All sheets have hand-torn edges. Available in two sizes. Launching soon from our upcoming store at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. 

#TalkToAnandPrakash session on our Facebook and Instagram page

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We had an interesting #TalkToAnandPrakash session on our Facebook and Instagram page. You can read my answers to the various questions asked on facebook and Instagram.

Inspired by the Amer Fort, Jaipur

A bookmark inspired from patterns on the Amer Fort, Jaipur. We have taken inspiration from this monument and our Amer range features stationery, journals, home decor and jewelry. On my many visits here, I have been enamoured by its tales and this range is a fitting tribute to this timeless inspiration. To give it the authentic feel like every Anand Prakash range, even our packaging mimics the texture of the walls of this magnificent fort, when you run your hands over the texture you get the exact feel of its walls. This range will be launched at our new Kala Ghoda store in Mumbai. 

Handmade paper


Handmade Paper By Anand Prakash

Paper was my first love; the very first business that I started over seventeen years ago. A lot of my work was raw and natural with torn edges and exposed fibres. Back then, the word eco-friendly¬†wasn’t¬†something that everyone was aware of. I bought my first sheet at the Khadi Gramudyog Bhawan in Connaught Place, Delhi and since then I have literally gone deep into its fibres, making, selling and their distribution. I have built relations with paper artists over the years and worked closely in creating a variety of them using techniques developed in-house and by experimenting with a lot of natural fibres, dyes and raw material. I have had a loyal set of followers who have appreciated and bought most of our work with paper. A time came when greeting cards lost their charm, the sales went downward and I had to innovate and survive. I may have done a lot of work in metal but I never forgot paper. Till today we have a steady stream of stationery and paper products coming out of our studios.

Here are a few papers that I have saved from the past. These were limited editions that I procured from artisans across the world. I have decided to exhaust the remaining sheets to launch a new range of stationery, journals and other pieces of art from our upcoming flagship store at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.

Link to an older post on recycled and handmade paper, its making and process.