The Hindu Huddle

Anand Prakash was the official gift partner for The Hindu Huddle. As a company, we believe in meaningful debate and discussion on a wide range of topics like politics, sports, arts and entertainment. It is our constant endeavour to partner with institutions that provide such opportunities and we look forward to many more in the coming future.


I yearn to travel, to observe and experience different cultures, languages and traditions, to soak in architectural marvels and varied landscapes, to discover hidden crafts and to have random conversations.

I look forward to embarking on this journey soon…

Short Film On Silkscreen Printing

A short film on silkscreen printing at Anand Prakash. Scriptum is a range of gifts and stationery using the Devanagari script.

Film by Fseven Studio

Music by Firefl!es

Hand Printing on Handloom Cotton & Recycled Paper

Our experiments with hand printing of images on handloom cotton and recycled paper. Limited edition. Coming soon!

Handloom Cotton

A beautiful find in my search for authentic Indian textiles. Handspun cotton woven on handlooms.

Sadly, this is dying a slow death, not because of low demand but because the majority of the weavers have come of age and the younger generation is not too keen on taking this up as a career option. This is happening across all fields of craft and many artisanal techniques will be lost forever.

In the near future, handmade and handcrafted will be a luxury very few people will be able to afford.

Artist: Lockwood de Forest

My research on brass led me to this gem:

Artist: Lockwood de Forest

A key figure in the aesthetic movement, New York-born artist Lockwood de Forest (1850–1932) was very inspired by Indian arts and crafts. He created the Ahmedabad Woodcarving Company in Gujarat, which exported many items to the United States. These cut and chased brass cutouts, designed by de Forest, were based on examples found in wood, plaster and stone in Indian architecture. In his designs, they would have been used as ornaments on architecture or furniture.

In 1879, Lockwood de Forest and Tiffany established an import business called Tiffany and de Forest. While visiting India for the first time, he collaborated with Mugganbhai Hutheesing to start the Ahmedabad Woodcarving Company, which produced elaborately carved furniture, tracery panels, jewellery and textiles. Eventually, in 1908, he transferred his contract with the Ahmedabad Woodcarving Company to Tiffany.

Image source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Medium: Brass; chased

City: Ahmedabad

Year: 1892


How about a conversation over a cup of coffee?

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Prototype. Contemplating.

Should we go-ahead or should we not?

It is said to have been invented in China and then carried over to Europe by trading ships in the early 19th century. It is one of the most popular puzzles in the world.

Brass with mirror finish and teak wood holder.



A range of hand stitched journals with layers of colour and ink blots. The process required us to work in layers with multiple prints and gold. Today, this will be perceived as design but for me it is also a social message.

Vitiligo is a medical condition where there is loss of skin colour in blotches. This causes psychological distress and there is a huge stigma attached to it in society. I have closely seen people suffer in silence. Let us try and be a little humane in our acceptance.

I have spent more than a decade in the creative sector and while I built Anand Prakash on a solid bedrock of innovation and creativity; I also would like to be able to support social causes that are close to my heart. All of us could be change makers in our own little way therefore lets start by one good deed at a time.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Pastel colours

Testing new pastel colours for our soon to be launched bag charms.

Our master screen printers mix various colours to reach the right shade, while most have no knowledge or training in colour mixing; they have honed their skills by trial and error through an experience of a few decades. To be able to see them do it with their spatula is sheer joy

Hopefully you will be able to witness this in the coming months where we are planning to share our techniques and processes through carefully curated workshops and demonstrations.


Autorickshaw, tuk tuk, rickshaw, tempu, auto – call it by any name; it still fascinates one and all.

These limited edition miniatures are available at our stores and online at

Rang Colour


पुल्लिंग, केवल आँखों से अनुभव होनेवाला पदार्थ के आकार और रूप से भिन्न एक गुण, वर्ण।

colour /ˈkʌlə/

Noun. The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.

Colour has played an important part in my creative journey, be it recycled papers or with stationery. Here, I experiment with colour on the spine of the journal. In the past, the cover usually got all the attention. The colours have been printed by hand using silk screen in our signature style. Lots of experimentation in progress! More soon. Now available at stores.

Change Maker Awards

Anand Prakash – Official gift sponsor for The Hindu and Business Line change maker awards.

The award recognises unsung heroes changing India for the better.


Sometimes, we are left with a lot of pieces that are prototypes. These always remain the only piece because we usually end up improvising the design with an increase in size or something. Many a times we decide against doing the product as it does not fit into what we had envisaged.

The question is what do we do with so many prototypes?

Featured here is a prototype that was a narrower version of our Hexagon cuff.

Numismatique – work in progress


Work in progress, we are tracing a few old Indian coins for our upcoming range.

Collecting British-India silver coins has been a hobby since childhood and the time is right for a range of products with numismatics as the theme.


Conversations with you has helped Anand Prakash grow to where it is today. Your ideas have helped us create better poducts and feedback was immensely helpful in introspecting.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Today we stand at the cross-roads looking at the best way forward, we have grown as a brand and our design language has constantly adapted with the times. We have become a lot more experimental and we are not shying away from sharing our inspirations with you.

. . . . . . . . . . .

A lot of our ideas and stories are rooted in past experiences of Anand Prakash and in the coming days we hope to create products that will enthrall you with ideas, creativity and innovation that you have come to expect from us.

. . . . . . . . . . .

We look forward to our conversations with you…

Coming up on 10th March:


New Keychains


New. Bold. Minimal.

No intricacies like the usual.

A paradigm shift.

Coming soon.

I always get the first prototype to test. Perks of working at AP.

Little Llama Cafe, Mussoorie

Every time I visit Mussoorie, the one place I don’t miss is @littlellamacafe run by school friends Tenzing and Lynette. Its their passion for food that has brought them this far.

They always welcome us with a smile and go out of their way in fulfilling all our gastronomic demands.

The beautiful hills and the green landscape visible from their cafe have been aptly shared on my Instagram; the frame is always different depending on the weather.

During season time, there is a huge rush and the waiting time can stretch to hours; all Alwynians are always welcome and we manage to squeeze ourselves in.

Their shakes are to die for because Lynette is always experimenting and the food is fresh.

One of my favourite anecdotes is when Lynette divided the toppings of one wood fired pizza into veg and non veg because me and a friend only wanted half a pizza each.

I can sit here with my favourite ginger-honey-lemon tea for hours at a stretch.

Thank you Lynette and Tenzing for this laidback place amongst the hustle and bustle of Mussoorie.

Till we meet again.

Paper sampler

At Anand Prakash, papers made by hand using a variety of materials, play an integral part in the development of new products. While we do a lot of designs in metal and wood, recycled handmade paper is still our first love. We have creatively used natural materials like long fibre straw, silk yarn, cotton rags, spices, cow dung, newsprint, wool, jute, flowers, etc. in our papers and packaging.

. . . . . . .

Featured here is our paper sampler that has different types of papers we use in our journals.

The Hindu Huddle

Anand Prakash was the official gift partner for The Hindu Huddle. As a company, we believe in meaningful debate and discussion on a wide range of topics like politics, sports, arts and entertainment. It is our constant endeavour to partner with institutions that provide such opportunities and we look forward to many more in the coming future.


Hexagon. Minimal.

Inspired by geometric shapes and crafted from solid brass metal. Now available at our stores and online at

Matchbox label bookmark

Your timeless bookmark. Authentic and vintage match box labels encased in a brass frame. Rare and antique.

Coming soon.

Contest winner

We are happy to announce the winner for the “Favourite book with AP bookmark” contest: Instagram handle @thesilentseer



A bookmark is like a milestone, it marks your progress in the journey. It tells you how far you have come and how far you’re yet to go. It provides you the opportunity to rest, ruminate and introspect, with the solace that you will never get lost or have to begin afresh. It allows you to carry onwards from where you left and entices you to move towards your destination.

And here in this story of a coveted gem, this bookmark is my milestone on my journey and on many more yet to come.

Many congratulations to @thesilentseer

Contest Alert!


Here is your chance to win an Anand Prakash gift box featuring a luxe silk journal, a 24K goldplated pen and a business card holder.

To Participate:

1) Follow @AnandPrakash1 on Instagram

2) Post a photo of your favourite book with an Anand Prakash bookmark and tell us what you like about it

3) Use #WinAnandPrakash in your post

We believe in creating timeless pieces of art that share a bond with you for years to come.

Contest ends 10th September 2018

We will select one lucky winner on 12th September 2018 based on the photograph and post.

Customised work for The Hindu



Our association with The Hindu stretches back to 2012 when the Frontline magazine was being relaunched with a new look and feel, and the gifts for the guests and visiting dignitaries was done by us.  In the last few years, Anand Prakash has been the official gift partner for The Hindu Conclave and The Hindu Lit For Life literature festival.

The Hindu approached us to design a range of merchandise to be sold from their new venture called The Hindu Lounge. Both the teams brainstormed on the range that could be developed keeping in mind the audience of The Hindu newspaper.

I have always had a fascination with newspapers and in the past, we have done a highly successful crowd-funded design project with newspapers called the 5th of June project. With them, I had a few ideas:

1. Use old and rare photographs from their 140-year-old archives. The team went through hundreds of them and chose the following three: The Madras sepoy from the early 19th century, NCC cadets marching over the Triplicane bridge and The Kasturi Building. These photos were printed by hand on handspun cotton fabric sourced from cooperatives in Andhra Pradesh. The hand printing process until now was only used by us on paper, therefore, we had to do a lot of experimentation on cotton fabric. The difficulty was in getting the picture onto the fabric as it had uneven threads and the weaves had a lot of gaps. After much trial, error and learning our screen printers mastered the art. Below are a few pictures of our experimentation and the final pieces.

Hindulounge2 Hindulounge7Hindulounge6 Hindulounge3


2. To work with handmade and recycled paper using their old newspapers. Bundles of old The Hindu newspapers were sent to our village paper making units where they were mixed and embedded with old cotton rags and recycled into sheets of handmade paper. These sheets were then used to make a range of products like cards, envelopes, notepads, paper packs, gift tags, etc.

Hindulounge4 DSC_7095

3. Use old The Hindu newspapers creatively for binding the covers. We used our signature style of colouring and dyeing newsprint to create the below range of blank journals, notepads and pencils.


Yoga range

On International Yoga Day, we present a range of bookmarks, key chains, journals, pencils, pens, jewelry and gifts inspired by the ancient practice of Yoga. In today’s fast paced world, it has become more relevant and important for us to look at our physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Now available on our all new website.


Handprinted by silkscreen on handloom cotton. Experimenting for an upcoming range of memorabilia for The Hindu newspaper, designed exclusively by AP.

The Hindu shared their archives, which incidentally is over 140 years old. Watch this space for some interesting experiments with handloom cotton, recycled paper and old The Hindu newspapers.

Meri Kitab

Meri Kitab, the all time favourite bookmark is now available on our website.

2 million bookmarks

For the joy of reading! Anand Prakash has sold over 20,00,000 bookmarks. We are glad that so many people have our designs in their books.

Our all new website with over 800 products and 200 bookmark designs will be live from Monday, 10th June.