Write something today…

Writing is a tool for thinking, expression and encouraging creativity and can be an incredibly useful outlet to clear your mind. Writing helps you stockpile ideas and recover memories. 

Warren Buffett has described writing as a key way of refining his thoughts while Richard Branson once said that his most essential possession was a standard-sized school notebook, which he used for regular writing.

At Anand Prakash, we have a vast and creative assortment of notebooks, journals and stationery to help put your words to paper. You can choose from luxurious silk bound journals to the more earthy khadi bound ones; with over fifty different ranges, you will be spoilt for choice. So here’s wishing you happy writing! 

Layered pendant

For the past few months, we have only been thinking of horses, horses and horses. Here’s a layered pendant from our upcoming range at Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai.

Some things can’t be replaced

“Some things can’t be replaced”, she said while changing cars and posting a picture of our India map bookmark.

Entrepreneur Swati Randev-Verma visited our Mumbai Airport store in the year 2013 and left the below feedback, “ I love your products – the map of India(bookmark) sits proudly dangling from the rear view mirror of my red mustang!” Her husband Rohit has the Ek Onkar bookmark in his car, he is a triathlete and an Ironman participant. 

Swati has launched her own social enterprise Ahem Asmi 

Anand Prakash at Kala Ghoda

“The first time I visited Mumbai, over a decade ago in the year 2007, I came here and got acquainted with the Kala Ghoda festival, I took part for a few years and that’s when our brand started garnering attention and piqued the interest of many. I began by opening my first store at the Mumbai Airport, and now, finally I have got the opportunity to come back to where it all began – at Kala Ghoda!” – Anand Prakash

Philosophy of Anand Prakash

Our legacy. This diminutive book contains a few lines that talk about the philosophy of Anand Prakash. Our purpose, ethos and vision. We are in transition like a tide; falling, rising, failing and succeeding. For more than a decade, we have weathered many a seasons and this has turned us into a resilient tree; growing with each day spreading creativity and joy while we aim to reach the sky. Stay inspired because impossible is nothing. See you soon at our flagship store at Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai. 

Kala Ghoda store opening soon

Come experience the magic firsthand, at the Anand Prakash store, opening soon at Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai. #APatKalaGhoda

A page from our Amer booklet

A page from the hand printed booklet that will accompany the Amer range of products. This talks about the inspiration behind the range and the history of Amer. Launching at our flagship Kala Ghoda store this May.