Handmade Spice Card

A greeting card handmade from real spices like chillies, bay leaves and cloves. The paper used is 100% handmade & recycled from cotton rags. A perfect dinner invite!
Spice Card

Spice Card


Spice Paper

Other Spice Paper

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4 thoughts on “Handmade Spice Card

  1. Hello Anand sir,

    you are too cool , your designs are really heart touching , you have great telent to touch anyones souls using your art, from today i add myself as your great fan.:)
    m profesionally as a s/w developer nd web developer, if you have any query or you want my help any time please contact me.
    wishing you All the best,with my pure wishes.

    Thnks nd regards
    Atul Choubisa
    s/w developer,
    Auriga IT Solutions,

  2. Hey Anand,
    You have amazing talent ….love every single piece of art displayed here…I also love to do all such things…would like to show you my work.

    I hope you you will like my work

    Neha Uttam

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