Blog is nearly ready.

I have been working hard these days trying to get my blog up and running before my website is redone. Obviously I will be putting a link to my blog on it.

The website will have all new pictures of our products; the present pictures are about 2-3 years old now. I also have been toying with the idea of an e-commerce site to sell products in India. Maybe I need to do some more research before I decide to go for it.

I also finally received my letter for the travel grant that I have won from the British Council. I need to plan my trip to Europe.

Finally this week our “Egyptian Hieroglyphs” range will be ready for showcase, I will be sending a newsletter to all on my mailing list. A link can also be found on the newsletters page after a few days.

Here is a picture from that range:

(More details about it in a later post)





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