Started Work On Calendars for 2009

Its high time I started work on next years “Limited Edition” calendars. I have short -listed a few designs and the most probable one will be from the “Egyptian Hieroglyphs Range”. I wish to showcase some new textures on the papers. I am also planning a wall calendar this season due to its high demand, I have realised that a lot of people want space to write on their calendars.

Last years limited edition calendars were a superhit, half of them were sold in Mumbai. We did a few corporate calendars last year and I need to come up soon with ideas for this year.

There has been a flux of media interest in our work lately, hope they turnout as expected.

July – August has been a busy month, we are stocking paper from all places for the coming festival season. A lot of my time is being devoted in research and design of new products. Being self-taught I sometimes ponder at the level of work that we are doing.

On the product development front we are moving smoothly to our target of fifty new products by the year end. I don’t mean fifty designs, but fifty new products!


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