Packaging for a candle company

We are now doing a lot of packaging for companies. I think in today’s cut-throat competition the only way to succeed is to be visible. All companies have the same products using the same material. The only difference is in the design, style and packaging. It does enhance the value of the product. Creative packaging has helped a lot of our customers to increase the price of their products substantially. From the consumers angle…… they get more value for money. For instance if they were looking for a candle to gift someone, they would rather choose a well packaged candle instead of a plain looking candle because eventually they will be shelling out more money for gift wrapping it. So the consumer gets a pre-packaged gift…saves time and money….and also they get packaging from a professional.

The candle had to be tied to the platter so that it did not move inside the box. We have used a natural fibre to give it the natural look as the company wants to portray itself as a high quality manufacturer of candles. Care has been taken to colour co-ordinate the logo and the look of the box. The logo has been printed on a hand-torn piece of paper. We wanted to give it a natural and raw look.

Initially the company did not want to spend on its packaging but after we created some samples for them….they took a well calculated decision. Voila!! their sales have increased, there is brand recognition and yes…their profits too must have increased.

Building a brand is a time consuming affair. Every time we buy a product, we have an image in our sub-conscious, if it rings a bell then we remember it and eventually pick it up again and again as it gives us a higher value proposition.

Below is a aroma candle (green apple) with a aluminium platter, packaged in a gift box.



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