Unusual Invite

Howz this for an invite.

There are people who do want unusual stuff at times.

Our client came with an idea…….. to get an invite made for a pre-wedding bash they were throwing for their just-engaged friends……but not the usual run-of-the-mill ones.

They wanted something to do with “being hooked” using safety pins. There were no budgetary constraints so I went ahead with this design. It is the best metallic paper available in the market. The design has two hooks (used on furniture, etc) stitched on the paper itself. The studs at the sides were riveted to balance the “steel” look.  Now I hear someone asking if it can be sent by mail, yes off course, we did provide with strong and layered cotton frill to keep the hooks from penetrating the paper.

It is commendable that they went ahead with this design.

Keep coming back here….lots of interesting things yet to come……..

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Wedding Invite

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