Eco-Friendly Calendar for 2009

Finally!! our eco-friendly calendars for 2009 are ready.

Here is the preview :-

Each Calendar is a piece of art; handcrafted using the finest handmade papers that are re-cycled from cotton rags and natural materials like jute, coconut shells, fibers, cane and straw. Each page in the calendar tells a story of how beauty of the natural world can be given meaning using environmentally responsible and sustainable materials.

It is our tribute to nature for bestowing upon us all that we take for granted.

Available in a limited edition.

Coming soon!!!……our premium range of limited edition calendars for 2009.

Individual Pages

calendar 2009 calendar 2009

calendar 2009 calendar 2009

calendar 2009 calendar 2009

calendar 2009 

Each calendar comes in a special handmade box.

calendar 2009

A view of the individually handmade pages.


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