What’s happening…..

I am finally back with all the news that’s happening at my end.

In May I went to London – Amsterdam on a grant from The British Council that I received for being runner-up at The Indian Young Design Entrepreneur Award. I also got a chance to visit and spend a few days with my mentor Milou Ket at her studio and residence in Amsterdam. I have come back with a lot of positive European influences which I am sure will reflect in my work.    

clip_image002[6]  clip_image002

My interaction with Milou Ket was a very important development in my life, I got to learn about International trends and styles and how they are launched, how companies work with style sheets, etc. I got a chance to visit the droog gallery – dry and a no-nonsense approach to design. I also learnt about the philosophy of “Hema” chain of stores; Milou started her career here. My stay in Amsterdam culminated with a visit to a modern dance ballet by the “Nederlands Dans Theater”

The fast paced development of new ranges, products and designs which I initiated last year is moving ahead in full steam. This years development is more aesthetic than last years. Lots of products that were under development last year were finally released into the market. At any given time we are developing numerous ranges and designs that will be released when I am finally satisfied with it. Some take years to be released.

The recession has hardly affected us but on the other hand it has been very beneficial to us. What it has done instead is brought to us a horde of manufacturers who at this point of time are without work. Anand’z Creation works like a family with its suppliers and manufacturers, we have our network of people across India who we provide with work the whole year round. In return we expect the best from them and the most important is the readiness to develop new designs as per our specifications. I am a hard task master and very difficult to please as the standards that I work with are very high and…… I am a Perfectionist.

Lots of companies across India today are benefitting from our research and development and that too without our knowledge. But piracy and copying is rampant across the world and I feel proud that companies and individuals are copying our products. The only solution is for us to be ahead with new designs and products.

I am also working on the new advertisement campaigns that will be released in a few magazines to start with and then to other mediums keeping our target audience in mind.

Another development in the pipeline is the launch of our online store for sales in India. I am working on the modalities of providing our loyal buyers with an opportunity to buy safely online and receive the goods without any extra charges like shipping, etc.

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