Addendum 1 – Remembering the old days

I am must share this with you.

Yesterday I had written the following:

In the year 2000 I was asked to put a poster of our exhibition at a famous clothing store, I showed the owner my card and said “see there is so much hard work in the card”. He threw the card and said “art is not hard work, it should be effortless”. Lesson learned. The whole incident of him throwing my card was disheartening for me at that time when I was searching for acceptance.
Guess what! this very person came to visit me today after seeing my advertisement in Time Out – Delhi. While leaving he told me that he liked my work. It has come a full circle from being hard work to being effortless. What would you call this ? Karma!

2 thoughts on “Addendum 1 – Remembering the old days

  1. it surely is sir.. for circle like that to occur, from hard work to effortlessness it surely takes karma.. n i feel it is exactly karma that has led you to your success.. i admire your work sir.. keep going.. :)

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