Clever use of materials by an NGO

The other day I was in Dilli Haat and I came across this NGO called Prabhat. They were selling products like file folders, mats, stationery, etc made from recycled music cassette tape/film/reel. I must say this is one of the cleverest recycled products that I have seen lately. The reel/tape was woven with jute to create this unique fabric that has been used to make a variety of products.

This country never fails to amaze me, It has so much of talent waiting at the sidelines.

recycled folder3 recycled folder2 recycled folder1

3 thoughts on “Clever use of materials by an NGO

  1. Anand, that sounds amazing! Although I would be be loathe to give up my old (and very rarely played) cassette tapes to a new life, it is good to know there is an NGO out there metamorphasing tapes into new existences

    • Hi Leo,
      Welcome to my blog.
      You are right! I too have quite a collection tucked away somewhere.
      I think I should click some snaps of the tape reel so that people get a real feel about what I am Saying.

  2. Anand, you could be right – a visual of the tape reel may lend some greater sense of awe to what is finally produced. Its amazing what sense of creativity, improvisation and refinement, artists like this NGO and yourself bring to everyday materials. I wish you well!

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