Metamorphosis – Anand’z Creation to Anand Prakash


The metamorphosis commenced from the time I came back from Europe in June 2009. From the last one year I have been feeling the need to push the boundaries of creativity and design. I have launched ranges and papers that I only dreamt off. My meeting with Milou Ket in The Netherlands was the turning point where I realised that my work was more design oriented than mass produced. This has eventually helped me grow into a confident designer capable of creating globally recognised objects of art.

Anand’z Creation started from a one room apartment in the year 2000. I was a young college boy trying to impress friends with handmade bookmarks and cards. The idea to do something different struck me here and henceforth I named my work, venture, passion and business “Anand’z Creation”. My rebellious nature and out-of-the-box thinking put in the “z”. I was self-taught and had no formal training in craft other than what I learnt at Wynberg Allen School. I had no limitations or boundaries therefore I experimented with lots of new ideas and concepts. I learnt symmetry and measurement while I drew and cut every envelope by hand – today we handcraft ten thousand a month.

In the last ten years I have met a lot of people, travelled extensively, worked with small and the big, created an extensive supplier network across the country and received feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers. This is a never ending learning process. Sometimes a small idea or event has grown into a huge range of products.

This field never fails to amaze me of its potential. I wish i had 36 hours in a day…..I would do so much more. 

My earlier work as Anand’z Creation. (I managed some old pictures)

Handmade Card Old Design1 Handmade Card Old Design2 Handmade Envelope Old Design1 Handmade Envelope Old Design2 

Old Cards 1 Old Christmas Cards Old Envelopes 3 Old Work 1

Old Cards 2 Handcarved Pencils First Scrapbook


My work now as Anand Prakash
DSC05103 fiber Leaf DSC05186 Handmade Recipe Book DSC06087

DSC05355 DSC06579 DSC06586 Naturelle Silk Journal  Brass Range Books

Cowdungpaper1 Paper_jewelry (1) Egyptian Hieroglyphs 1 Water Hyacinth Paper

Too many to list…… click here to view more

And…some things never change…

Dinner Invite Timepiece(1)

The spice card and ruler timepiece have stayed the same since the last ten years.

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