For the joy of reading

Last year I designed quite a few products.

They are a perfect gift as they encourage reading and also a personal companion.

Intricately-cut Brass Metal Products

Metal Bookmark Brass Bookmark

Metal Flower Bookmark Mesh Bookmark

Tree of life bookmark Elephant Bookmark

Handmade Paper
Paper Bookmark Handmade Bookmark
Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Paper Bookmarks Egyptian Hieroglyphs Bookmark
Cow Dung Paper

Cowdung paper bookmark

Spice Paper

Recipe Book Gift Set (3)


Naturelle Bookamrk

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3 thoughts on “For the joy of reading

  1. I visited your stall at Kala Ghoda. the papers, the cards et al left me mesmerized! :-) Wish I could spend more time at the stall.

    Good luck with the craft workshops and other projects.

    Smita Lakhotia

  2. collecting is a hobby of mine and surely I have many by you in my collection…………..
    Hoping to see more interesting things from you in future.

    Thanks and good luck

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