School for Art & Craft

With ten years of experience I think it is the right time for my baby “School for Art & Craft”

Tentative Logo:

School for art and craft

  • A learning centre for people of all ages, devoted to art and craft
  • Follow a set curriculum for different age groups
  • Specially designed craft kits
  • Will be a professionally managed and a separate entity
  • Fill the void for an art and craft school in Delhi
  • Will move on to holding workshops in schools across India
  • Include craft techniques from across India

To test the waters, I will be first starting a summer workshop in 2010. Judging by the response I will plan further.

Please mail us us your valuable suggestions.

5 thoughts on “School for Art & Craft

  1. I am waiting to attend your workshops in mumbai…Please email me about the same….Your each and every design and the idea is great….Just can’t ignore the details of even a single one….


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