AES – Marathon Papercraft Workshop

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Yesterday I had a marathon papercraft workshop at the AES (American Embassy School) New Delhi.

Age group : Kindergarten(5-7 years), No. of participants : 86, 5 sessions of 45 minutes each.

You bet I was tired at the end of it but it was great fun interacting with the children. They made a collage with recycled papers, the children enjoyed feeling the varied textures and materials that go into them. They also enjoyed smelling the spice papers. With this age-group there is very little that you can do as their attention span is limited. Most of them did not want any help as they had learnt about recycling and collage-making. Our session was a completely hands-on experience… means no scissors, as the beauty of our papers is in tearing and crumpling them. I observed that most of them were doing original work and none were copying. I observed a few, come-up with brilliant ideas and also the dexterity of some. I think if children are provided good exposure to varied art forms like art, craft, music, etc. they get an opportunity to show what they are good at. In the end we gave each child a greeting card making kit to take home.

DSC08568 DSC08586 DSC08588 DSC08564

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