Final Word – Summer Papercraft Workshops – June 2010

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School for art and craft by Anand PrakashI am writing this after the successful completion of our summer workshops. This was my first foray into hobby classes which were launched under “School for art & craft”. It took under a month to get my studio and workshop ready for the event. At this nascent stage I thought my studio wouldHobby Classes Delhi be the best launching pad as I could control things better here. The participants got a feel of our work and also a variety of raw  materials and craft products that we use. Since this was the first class, I left no stone unturned; I squeezed in as many activities as I could.  It was so much fun for all of us, on the third and the last day people did get nostalgic as none of us wanted it to stop. The participants enjoyed listening and learning to all that I had to say; 10 years of passionate creativity! And I did what I have loved most; working with paper. In the process I observed and learnt a lot of things. I never give too many instructions; I rather encourage them to use their own imagination to do things differently. I am self taught therefore I realize the importance of independent thinking. I did get a lot of new ideas which I will definitely use in the coming future therefore it was also a learning experience for me.
Age Group – 19+years

I had a lot of activities planned out for this group as their understanding and skills were more advanced. The brochures, information leaflets and my website mentioned very little Papercraft workshop about the activities that would be conducted during the workshop. As all the renovation activity was at its peak I did not get enough time to build upon the detailed activity list. For all who have seen my work know how meticulous I  am. On the last few days before the workshop I sat down and compiled the list of activities, I added a few more in case we had extra time. My new Papercraft Tools venture is not just business, it is more of passion to do things well and to see everyone happy and satisfied.
I planned every activity in minute detail, all tools were organized in each participants drawer. Raw material for each activity was arranged in individual packs and placed in the drawers as I did not want them to waste time searching and waiting. I was looking to cover as much as possible. We even had the needles threaded to save time.

Day One
We started with a small talk on recycling and handmade paper. Each participant got
a paper sampler that contained swatches of our exclusive and unusual papers to feel and Paper Sampler & Papermaking Leafletsmell them. We also gave them a small leaflet that explained in detail how handmade paper is made. I tried to show them the versatility of natural fibres and a few of the immense possibilities. Since it was my first class it took some time to get into the flow. Our first activity was making a greeting card with glass beads strung on a copper wire. After the initial explanation the participants got busy with the beads. Our second activity was making a greeting card using handmade paper, jute and felt. Participants were told in detail about the jute fibre and tips and tricks in using it. The felt needed some stitching therefore everyone got engrossed in their cards. I in the meantime kept giving them ideas, tips and information about all that we were using.  We then moved onto making bookmarks, the first one required the use of a pen knife to cut the paper after which cane was woven onto it. The second one required fraying of edges and then stitching of brass sequins onto it. By the time they completed it was already time to go.

Day Two
A few participants arrived early, while chatting I asked if they had any suggestions on the workshop; One requested if they could get some tea and coffee as two
hours was a long time. I did arrange for water but missed out on tea and coffee. I am an avid tea drinker and I stock a variety of teas like Tulsi, Typhoo fruit infusions, Masala, etc. So I made sure the participants got what they wanted. Another suggested some music, from next time we will have some Buddha Bar in the background.  Paper quilling is gaining popularity day-by-day so I thought of it as an activity for the workshop. I have a variety of designs inPaper Quilling Tools paper jewellery, cards, etc and we have always used our hands to make them. For the workshop I called for paper strips, quilling tools, paper crimper, quilling coach and circle shaper. We started with our old favourite butterfly, The participants learnt how simple tools if used in the right way can have fascinating results. They then made earrings with quilled paper rolls, sounds difficult but was easy to do as I had step by step instructions for them. Next was a card with quilled paper flowers, by now people were tired of quilling so they asked if they could complete it at home. Yesterday a participant had shown interest in learning how to make an envelope; I too think it’s something everyone should know. It sounds and looks simple but actually it is very technical and is  based on measurements. So we got down to making our envelope; measuring, cutting, scoring and folding. As everyone followed my instructions, their envelopes were perfectly symmetrical. Everyone was surprised as they had never imagined they could do so. I told them then that for one whole year I made envelopes by hand using the same long process. Their homework was to make another one all by themselves. You will be surprised to know that not many designers can make a perfect envelope.

Crafting Techniques Summer Workshops Delhi

Someone asked if they could make a collage as they had been hearing about it from the Papercraft workshop by Anand Prakashchildren’s workshop. Being an impromptu demand I had to quickly organise it. In my work we never waste paper, in fact we keep all of it, I don’t know why and till when; I have loads and loads of it. I called for a sack and laid it on the table. I told everyone that there were no instructions as to what was to be made – they had to use their imagination. Slowly people started composing their collage and by  the time it was over it was way past three hours. I was tired but not physically….I guess speaking all the while really sapped all the energy out of me. We then called it a day, many of us nostalgic that the coming day was the last.

Day Three
Our session started with an activity that I called “Creative gift-wrapping”, my idea was not to repeat the mundane cellophane,
bows, ribbons, etc. I had thought of earthy and natural materials as surface ornamentation. Each of the participants got to wrap a boxSchool for art and craft Delhi with a natural banana fibre paper. It’s a thin sheet so it adapts well to the shape of the box. Then we tied it with a jute string adorned with beads. I also gave them ideas about a few gift tags using spices. We explored a few more ideas and finally were ready for our paint textures and techniques session. I knew this would be the most exciting activity so I had prepared Paint textures and techniques workshopwell. We rolled the protective plastic sheet over the table and settled down. Each of the participants were provided with colours, palettes, a variety of brushes, stamps, stencils, sponges, rollers, wax candles, combs, etc. And we were ready to go. For the first texture I asked all participants to crush a fresh sheet of handmade paper, they were puzzled but continued anyway, I then asked them to open the crushed paper and use colours  over them. Many of the textures and techniques had fascinating  results. The other textures that we did were stencilling, mottling, stamping, brushing, water washes, wax effects, combing, etc. As the class neared its end all the participants collected their pieces of art, raw materials, etc. I then asked all of them to fill our feedback form. Slowly everyone said their thank yous and good byes and left.

All’s well that ends well.

Age Group – Under 12 Years

Children are always eager to learn and they ask in-numerable questions; I enjoyed Papercraft Workshop for childrenanswering all of them. A parent travelled all the way from Noida on two consecutive days  so that her children could attend the workshop. These days parents try very hard to give the best to their children. When children get different opportunities they get a chance to explore the talents that they too did  not know existed. Another parent came along with her five and half year old daughter to register for the 19+ class and asked if her daughter could participate; even though she was below the minimum age that we had set, I said yes and she did have lots of fun.

Day one
We started with a small talk on recycling and handmade paper. Each participant got a
Summer workshops paper sampler that contained swatches of our exclusive and unusual papers to feel and smell them. We also gave them a small leaflet that explained in detail how handmade paper is made. The first activity was to make a collage using a variety of materials like recycled paper, jute, natural fibres, felt, etc. The next activity was to make greeting cards for anyone they wanted to. We wrapped-up after making a few simple bookmarks.

Day two
We started with quilling, all of them were taught the basics and told to practice in
their Craft workshop for childrenfree time.  The next activity was paint textures and techniques so when we rolled the protective plastic cover and placed the paints on the tables; they were all smiling. We did  a lot of textures like stamping, mottling, comb effect, brushing, stencilling, etc using paint brushes, stamps, stencils, rollers, combs, cloth, etc. By the time we finished it was time to say good-bye, the children gathered all that they had made along with the left-over materials for future use. After all we love recycling!

Hobby classes for childrenPapercraft workshop in DelhiPapercraft workshop by Anand Prakash

Crafting Material, Tools & Art Supplies

Backup_of_paperpacks_packagingWhile holding the workshop another idea struck me – why not retail craft supplies and materials under my registered brand “School for art & craft” as I have availability, good knowledge and experience in sourcing them.

What’s Coming-up?

I am planning workshops on the following activities starting July 2010. If you are interested then please email me your name, age and topics of interest. My email is on the contact page.


Batik Textures On Paper | Paper Quilling | Paper Jewellery | Envelope & Paperbag Construction | Box Making Using Threads | Greeting Card Making | Scrapbooking | Paper Cutting | Tie “N” Dye Wrapping Papers | Paint Textures & Techniques | Creative Gift Wrapping

Photography: Rahul Prakash


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