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Handmade Journal Travellers Notebook Journal By Anand Prakash Old Map Journal

This exclusive journal is for you to write down your thoughts while travelling as every journey deserves an unforgettable memoir. Fill the lined pages of the durable hardcover notebook with your favourite sites and most memorable experiences.

The cover is made from old authentic maps dating back to the period 1885 – 1965. We travelled across many cities to source our maps and It took me a few months to find them. The difficult part was trying to come to a right price for these old maps. I met many people and befriended a few, it was quite an experience visiting old book shops and kabariwallahs, rummaging through their heaps of ageing books and manuscripts. The summer heat never allowed me more than a few hours each day.

After sourcing quite a few, one fine day a lady offered to sell me her collection of maps, the reason was that she just couldn’t find space to keep them anywhere. She only sold it to me on the premise that I would make good use of it in my products. There were many antique ones which I told her to keep for later, till the time she found the right buyer.

Each journal comes with an intricately-cut bookmark made from brass metal that mimics a compass. The journal comes equipped with an interior pocket for loose papers (i.e. cards, notes and receipts) and an elastic fastener to protect sheets on your travels.Bookmark and Share

72 Lined Leaves (144 Pages) | Sewn Binding | Size: A5

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  1. these luk great… cud i hve a price idea plz… wud like to buy one for someone i knw who’s very very fond of travelling!!! cud u mail me the quote pls…


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