Leather Journals

Leather Journals

Presenting exquisite journals in pure leather. Each journal has an intricately-cut brass metal embellishment on the cover and also a matching bookmark. The journal comes equipped with an interior pocket for loose papers (i.e. cards, notes and receipts) and an elastic fastener to protect sheets on your travels.

72 Lined Leaves (144 Pages) | Sewn Binding | Size: A5

It all started with a phone call to a friend in Kanpur, who I have known from school days. He runs a successful tannery, manufacturing a million square feet of leather every year. I learned quite a bit about the process and different types of leather. I have set down to doing some customised pieces in the coming future.

Véronique, a french lady based in Mumbai told me something very interesting about leather. She told me that every leather bound book is special and personal to each individual as it gets its look with time and usage, our hands sweat is unique and therefore its characteristics.

Leather Journal 

Leather Notebook Leather Journal with pocket

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One thought on “Leather Journals

  1. Hi Anand,

    It was a beautiful journey through your website and online store and more interesting it was to learn that passion still lives on. I am very excited to own this leather journal but dont seem to see it on your online store. Any way I could get my hands on one?


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