Papercraft Workshop – Mumbai, August 2010

Mumbai Workshop 
I am planning a Papercraft workshop around the last week of August 2010 in Mumbai. This is a one time opportunity for you to learn a few of the art forms that I use in my work.
The British Council, 901, Tower 1, India Bulls Centre, Elphinstone Road (West), Mumbai – 400013

The tentative list(this list may have slight changes) of activities that we will cover are:

Greeting Cards
3 or more greeting cards using techniques like
beading – requires stringing glass beads on a card.  
quilling – making a card using quilling technique.(We provide all tools and strips for quilling) 
working with jute, etc.
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Hobby Classes Craft Workshop Handmade card for papercraft workshop
Envelope Making
Participants will be taught to construct an envelope, moving further we will explore different ideas for closure and decoration.
Paper Jewellery
The art of making jewellery with re-cycled paper.
Paint textures and techniques workshopPaint Textures
(This activity will only be possible once we get clearance from the British Council as it requires use of colors)
We will be teaching the participants a few paint textures and techniques like crumpling, using rollers, sponges, stenciling, comb effects, wax effects, etc Bookmark Workshop

Bookmark Construction
Bookmarks are simple to make and are perfect gifts. We teach you a variety of styles using varied  raw material.

Paper Quilling Workshop 

Paper Quilling Technique
We provide quilling tools to make a variety of items using the quilling technique like cards, tags, etc.



· Each participant gets a craft kit containing paper and relevant raw material. We provide you with kits so that you can spend more time on the activities. Paper Quilling ToolsFor example: we even thread the needle to save time. At the end of the session participants can take what they make along with the leftover material.
· Participants do not need to get anything with them. We provide all instruments and stationery like colour pencils, tools, cutting mats, blades, crayons, felt pens, glue, scissors, etc. These have to be returned.

 Paper Sampler & Papermaking Leaflet Papercraft Tools 

A few pictures of our workshop in Delhi

Crafting Techniques Summer Workshops Delhi Hobby Classes Delhi

All workshops will be conducted by Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash, born in 1978, is a self-taught designer and an entrepreneur based in New Delhi, India. He single-handedly turned his passion into a profitable venture. He creates visually appealing merchandise that is handcrafted from environmentally responsible and sustainable materials. He primarily works with 100% recycled and wood-free handmade paper and this has been his medium by choice since the year 2000. His designs have been showcased at trend shows across the world. He was runner-up at the Indian Young Design Entrepreneur Award in the year 2008 held by the British Council. Read more…

Why attend his workshop:
He has 10 years of relevant experience in the field of paper and craft. His work starts from designing the paper to creating the end-product therefore he has in-depth knowledge and experience of craft techniques from across the world. He believes in simplicity. He owns the successful paper products company Anand’z Creation, the success of his company is due to the innovative designs that he brings out keeping intact the functionality. He has a vast collection of exclusive and unusual paper sourced from across the world. His approach to design is simple, he likes to experiment with materials and then moulds them into functional objects of art. He provides you with specially designed craft materials, kits and templates.
His workshops help you get away from mundane everyday life to a fun filled day of creative activity. His job is to help you discover a long lost hobby in a fun filled way. What he teaches is simple and interesting things that you can later do on your own and also use the knowledge to create gifts and personal items for your loved ones.
He has created unique craft kits for people to easily follow the activities. His workshops are a mix of crafting activity, interesting techniques, anecdotes and snippets from his vast experience from across the world.
You can read more about his past workshops here.

Duration of Workshop: 5-6 hours
Three hour session in the morning, Lunch break of one hour, Three hour session after lunch. Small Breaks in between

Limited seats so hurry!

Download registration form here (Email the completed form to the address mentioned on there)

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4 thoughts on “Papercraft Workshop – Mumbai, August 2010

  1. hi! i am interested in attending the mumbai workshop.

    may i know what is the fees and how many days it is likely to go on.

    when is it going to start in august?

    will it include bookmarks,greeting cards,paper bags…i.e all the above mentioned things?

    by the way your work is simply amazing.i had bought a bookmark from kala ghoda this february.

    thanks in advance!

  2. i am really looking forward to the workshop in mumbai…please provide me with the details…i really really dont want to miss this opportunity..

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