Delhi Autorickshaw Coasters

I have just released the first edition of our new range of coasters. Its an autorickshaw on stainless steel. Its a nice souvenir to take back from Delhi.


Autorickshaw Coaster Delhi Coaster Gift

Why an auto? good question!

In the days gone-by, while I was going through the struggle phase, the auto was my constant companion and mode of transport. My friends would joke “ Anand, why don’t you buy an auto?”. Once while travelling in one of those rickety autos, I heard a mobile ring, it was about 8-9 years back when mobiles were a luxury. I looked down and saw a mobile ringing, I picked it up and answered the call, it was the owners lucky day as I asked him to collect it from me.

Lately it’s become quite an iconic symbol. Expect lots more auto’s on my pieces of art…

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