Scriptum – Fine stationery with Hindi script

Scriptum by Anand Prakash

Meaning of Scriptum (Latin) : something drawn, a space enclosed by lines. Continuing my work with Hindi(Devnagari), Scriptum is a range of fine stationery inspired from Hindi letters & language. I find Hindi very stylish, fashionable and something that’s close to my roots. The range consists of handmade cards, journals, metal bookmarks, wrapping papers, etc. The papers as usual are handmade, wood-free and recycled.

Hindi Letter Range

Devnagri Script Scriptum Stationery Indian Script Greeting Card Indian Script Stationery


Greeting card printed by vignette silk-screen. Five colours are placed on the silk-screen and pulled together by hand thus mixing and merging to form the print on handmade paper. Every two impressions the colours need to be wiped and re-applied. Very few printers can manage this feat. What I love most is the variation in the colour and the surprising part is that it’s done by hand!

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