Jewelry in metal inspired by quilling

Jewelry by Anand Prakash

Jewelery FI present to you my nouveau range of Jewelry inspired by a quilled range that was done earlier in paper. Lately I have been obsessed with metal; namely brass and its led me to design a plethora of creative objects of which many have been featured in my earlier posts. Paper Quilling Inspired Pendant

For a self-taught designer it is important to explore all mediums, I have given paper a decade now and its time to experiment with others. In metal I am on the look-out for new techniques and designs. Jewelry has been on my radar since some time and patiently I have waited for the right designs and the right time.

These pieces in this range have been hammered from strips of metal and are like a spring coil if you push them from below.  It has a matt finish with no coating whatsoever. I have wanted to highlight the natural tarnishing that occurs in brass with the advent of time. These are available in a limited edition of 99 pcs and each set comes individually packed in boxes. Total length of strips used : 128 inches

Brass Metal Pendant Indian Jewelry

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