A signature would never be possible without a pen!
I received this writing instrument as a gift from a nondescript entity over a decade ago. I have always looked at it as an accessory so there have been times when I put in a new ink capsule and it has dried within a few months because I have not used it at all. In the earlier days it would lie around waiting for that important meeting or occasion where I would resurrect it from obscurity. It has been a silent spectator at most of my meetings, occasions and turning points of my life.
Anand PrakashAt times when I have used it, the pen has performed remarkably well. The flow, the grip and the feel is something that I cannot express with words, it is like an identity unto itself.
What I want to say is that some articles go on to take the shape of your personality, they fuse with your thoughts and become and inherent part of your life, for some it becomes their identity and for some their soul.
I only wish and hope our products could become the same for our patrons and I have a long way to go before I master the art.
This pen will become a heirloom that I will pass on to the next generation.
#anandprakash #MontBlanc #heirloom #writing #accessory

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