Silk screen printing at AP

A few days back, I was trying my hands at silk screen printing. What I am trying here is only done by our master printers, who have over 35 years of experience behind them. This particular process is not your normal silk screen printing where you print with one colour at a time. Here we are adding 3 colours, side by side on the silk screen and letting them mix naturally thus giving us a colourful impression. This process technically gives us about 5-6 individually unique prints after which the colours mix into a darker shade and have to be cleaned. We then pour the three colours again and repeat the procedure; this is how we do thousands of print impressions in this range of products. We can add as many colours we want, the important thing is to know what the adjacent colours will mix or merge into. 

Our master printers call this technique Vignette. I am also using this in our store stationery and complimentary envelopes that we distribute with our pieces of art.

You can explore and buy products with this technique from our outlets at the Mumbai airport and our studio at Shahpurjat. 

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