Indigo Shibori Journal

The second edition of our Indigo Shibori journals. Each jute thread is exactly the same size, the bows are identical and the placement exact. By now our craftsmen are so adept with measurements that just a cursory glance is enough to put the string at the right height. All our craftsmen have trained and picked-up skills with us, most of them come from a farming background and a few were landless workers. I trained the initial group many years ago and now it is passed-on from one person to another. It is in the DNA of our organisation. 

Newcomers for many years are given work as per their skills and not as per the organisation’s requirement. After spending years under our older masters, a few of them find their rhythm and unique set of skills. Time is our best filter and the few that remain are the ones that love their work and follow it like a religion. I have no qualms in saying that I am what I am only because of them.

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