Flagship store now open

It is our pleasure to invite you to our flagship store at Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai. Come experience the result of a creative journey spanning over a decade. Anand Prakash has reached this milestone only because of you therefore we welcome you to visit us and experience the stories that we have thoughtfully curated. With the launch, we have released over fifty new products and ranges. There is something for everyone, right from luxury to the everyday; pieces of art in our signature style. 

Address: 86, Corner Shop, Plot no. 94, Natwar Chambers, Nagindas Master Road, Fort (Kalaghoda), Mumbai – 400001

Tel: +91-22-49703678

(Near Burma Burma Restaurant)

Luxe writing book

A luxury writing book with a hand loom khadi cover and an intricate metal lattice. Inspired from patterns on the Amer fort in Jaipur. Releasing in a few days from our Kalaghoda store in fort, Mumbai.

Indigo dye pendant

Pendant filled with powdered Indigo dye. India has a rich past with Indigo; right from Gandhiji’s movement for Indigo planters in Champaran to today’s popular Indigo dyed fabric. I have often loved the dye, it’s varying shades and the feel of the dyed fabric. Our Indigo journals are very popular and this pendant is an extension of that range. Here is your chance to wear the dye in powdered form in our 24 K gold plated neck-piece. This pendant was made from one solid block of brass metal by our craftsmen using basic home-made tools. Our Indigo filled pendants are a statement that you wear and it’s like no other.

We are also considering other India inspired dyes and powders to include in this range. We look forward to your feedback.

Horse Paperweight

24 K Goldplated Paperweight to adorn your table. ‘Tis the season hence many more horses to come. This will be available at our new Kala Ghoda store that is opening in a few days.

Kala Ghoda Stationery

Notebook, pencil and notepad from our Kala Ghoda range of stationery. These will be available soon from our flagship store at Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai.