Brand Story

Our Purpose
Handcrafted, Artisanal, Exquisite.
Anand Prakash is a premium brand that is committed to creating artistic and exquisite products to collect and gift. Every Anand Prakash product is crafted with thought and care, respecting the integrity and natural beauty of the material. Every product is crafted to delight the customer; it is a gift, either to yourself, or a loved one. Every story tells a story. Since the brand’s inception in 1999, our products have grown to include all ranges of stationery, collectibles, jewellery, home décor and office accessories. We have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with unique and elegant products, and we continue to pursue that journey every day.

Our Ethos
Honesty, transparency and taking complete responsibility for one’s actions – these ideals are deeply ingrained in the work ethos at Anand Prakash. From being true to the materials we work with; being ethical with our vendors, suppliers and business partners; to staying responsible to our global customers – every step adds magic to the process. Integrity is the non-negotiable core of our work.

Repurposing with respect and reinventing is important to us. We use materials that have been popular for millennia. We revisit craft techniques that originated centuries ago. Yet, what we bring to the table – whether with indigo, brass metal, or blueprints – is our ability to fit them into a new design and lifestyle vocabulary. Our hallmark is distinction, and we take great pride in that. We believe that neither easy nor similar ever does it.

It is our mission to contribute positively to the environment and to our nation in our pursuit of creating quality products. Most of our products are made from recycled material and bear the hallmark of being eco-friendly. We also take great pride in being a truly Indian brand – all our products are made exclusively in India. Commitment to the craftsmen and craft traditions of our country and respect for the environment are non-negotiable.

We believe strongly in the immeasurable value of stellar partnerships and relationships. Many of our suppliers, vendors and customers have been working with and supporting us since our inception. This incredible process of growing in tandem, building trust, and making beautiful products together is a key part of our own story and stays at the fulcrum of our ideology. Honesty, respect and synchronicity in partnerships are divine. At Anand Prakash, we approach every aspect of our work with a sense of inclusiveness – every member of every team is crucial to the process. We also respect the process very deeply. This is a privileged opportunity, to be able to devote time, energy and resources to the integrity of the creative process. And now, we are personally training trusted team members to be even more integral to the creative and management streams so that as they grow, we all grow, serving our
customers and the world even more.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”
Every day, we derive inspiration from this quote. Our commitment to providing products, services and experiences of impeccable quality is constant and consistent. We are constantly trying to better all aspects of our business; it is not about being better than everyone else, but about being better today than who we were yesterday. It is this commitment to quality that keeps our customers coming back to us.

Our Vision
Our aesthetic is rooted in an Indian vocabulary and is global in its interpretation. In keeping with our commitment to Indian design and crafts, our goal is to rediscover and resuscitate those craft and design traditions that have been forgotten over the centuries. We are working on finding these disciplines from across the country and reintroducing them to India and the world. It is only by understanding and knowing ourselves, after all, that we can understand and know the other. Our repertoire has expanded in both its mediums and products. We work hard to tell new stories, with better design, with each range. Our customers – both old and new – have come to expect superior quality from us, and excellent service; their referrals and continued support are priceless. Profitability and expansion are, for us, organic and linked to both our past and our future. Being successful means being true to ourselves, our customers and the world around us.

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12 thoughts on “Brand Story

  1. Hello,
    Mr Anand prakash.
    myself hesha. i m finearts student. m doing M.A in mural. so i hve to do project on paper works. y r work is fabulous. m doing M.A from M.s university baroda.
    good luck for all yr success.

  2. Hello sir….. i am Bhavya from NIFT,New Delhi….i came with my group to your studio few weeks back….i just wanted to thank you sir…for your tiime and help towards our field studies project…and your latest updates are awesome….keep up the good work :) …thank you….

  3. Sir, Im Tarveen from NIFT,New Delhi, I visited ur studio a few days back with my team and i had a really good experience after getting to know about your work ( i must say ur passion). I must thank you for ur valuable time and guidance for my project. And now il b looking forward to your designs , sir. Thank you!! Wish u luck for ur future plans too……

  4. hi it was amazing
    i dnt know what say all your creations are very nice.
    i m also an artist i want show few of my creations so plssssssssss can get ur contact i mean mail id so that i can forword my creations

  5. sir
    i love ur creations , i also have huge interest in paper crafting but my parents wanted me to do mba n did it too. but my heart goes towards the paper only.. ur story inspired me alot . i m nt an learned one i make my own design n i dnt have any experience in dat,. sir i jus want to know is dere any place who encourages the new ones.

  6. hi am triza…i just adore ur work…even i have interest in crafting…though i havent tried paper craft so seriously but after visiting ur website…i m amazed…n even more after reading how u have started ur co…
    i would love to learn from ur workshop…so when is the next workshop u holding in delhi.would love to join…

  7. hi i am professional trousseau packer. iwant to know are you locate in mumbai? i want to work on your stuffs like that golden tree, golden leaf etc.

  8. Meet in mumbai recently sir. Like your products very much. Also very much interested to see all u r range of products at u r mumbai outlet. Awaiting for u r mumbai outlet opening.

  9. hello sir,this is first time to see all types of talents in one person.nice to see you….great job..i love crafts…im the die hard fan for crafts work….i want to know all kinds of work…would you give a job in your company….

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