Newsletter – Diwali Gifts – 2008

Sandalwood perfumed hand poured pooja candles




A set of four copper Diyas in a gift box

A set of four hand etched copper Diyas in a gift box. The finest quality of pure paraffin wax with additives has been used to give longer and even burning. The boxes can be customized with your message, branding and logos. Packaging can also be done for one or two Diyas.



A set of three handcrafted journals

A set of three handcrafted journals with a complimentary and matching bookmark packaged like a gift. The journals can be customized with your message, branding and logos.


Telephone Index

An elegantly handmade book to store telephone numbers. Each book is hand painted and has a matching bookmark in etched brass metal. They can be customized with your message, branding and logo.

Handmade Boxes





Paper Bags




Newsletter – Diwali Cards – 2008

We bring to you a range of unique and exquisitely handcrafted Diwali cards.

When you send someone a handmade card you show that you care and that you have given the occasion real thought. We at Anand’z Creation handcraft each card with care and detail because we know the joy of receiving a beautiful card. Our cards are pieces of art that are treasured.

The size of the card is 5.75 x 5.75 inches. All our cards are made from paper that is 100% recycled and handmade. For orders above 50 cards per design, customization is complimentary.

Other than these we have a wide variety of gifts, lamps and stationery in limited editions available at our studio.










Nature has inspired Anand’z Creations’ commitment to the environment through handcrafted paper products that are eco-friendly and made from 100% wood free handmade paper. Our products are the best you can buy. They offer museum quality eco-friendliness and are truly an affordable luxury. We appreciate your business and commitment to environmentally responsible and sustainable paper products.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Range – New Products Newsletter

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Range

Anand Prakash presents to you “Egyptian Hieroglyphs ” – a range of limited edition gifts & stationery.

Hieroglyphs have a fascinating story to tell. They are not merely a language but a gateway to understanding an entire civilization. They reflect the world view of the Egyptians and unfold the mysteries of the pharaohs. So what you see and feel transports you to the realm of ancient Egypt.

All products have hieroglyphs with its meaning in English printed at the back. The hieroglyphs have been printed on a specially designed handmade paper that mimics a peeling wall texture. The papers that hold the hieroglyphs have been hand coated and brushed to give it that authentic look. This range has been developed after months of extensive research on hieroglyphs, papers and textures…….. Truly a collectors range.

Only available at our Studio and at Full Circle Bookstore (Khan Market & Greater Kailash I, N Block Market, New Delhi)

Further on we will also be launching the limited edition calendars for 2009 in this range.

Egyptian Cards & Journals


The hieroglyphs have been printed on a specially designed handmade paper that mimics a peeling wall texture. The papers that hold the hieroglyphs have been hand coated and brushed to give it that authentic look. (View Picture below)

Handmade Card

Handmade Card

Handmade Greeting Cards

The cards were hand coated and brushed in brown, then the specially designed paper with the peeling texture and the hieroglyphs was placed over them. Comes in four different hieroglyphs/designs.

Greeting Card

Greeting Card

Handmade Card

Handmade Card

Notebooks & Journals

Notebooks have ruled pages printed with hieroglyph headers and footers. The covers were first hand coated and brushed in brown, then the hieroglyphs were etched on them by a special process and finally the specially designed paper with the peeling texture and the hieroglyphs was placed over them. Comes with a matching complimentary bookmark with jute fiber.

Handmade Journal

Handmade Journal

Egyptian Journal

Egyptian Journal

Egyptian Art

Egyptian Art

Egyptian Paper

Egyptian Paper

Pencil Box With Three Pencils

Each box contains three pencils. All pencils are covered with handmade paper. The box has a sliding mechanism attached to a jute string for closure.

Egyptian Gifts - Pencil Box

Egyptian Gifts - Pencil Box

Individual Bookmarks

Each bookmark has gone through the same process as mentioned in the notebooks section. It has jute fiber attached with a bead at the top.

They are individually packed and are available in three different hieroglyphs.

Egyptian Paper - Papyrus

Egyptian Paper - Papyrus

Luxe – Creative paper products in brass metal

Anand’z Creation brings to you “Luxe”

“Luxe” is a limited edition of chic and trendy range of stationery, invitations, gift bags, journals, recipe books, gift boxes, letter writing sets, scrapbooks, photoalbums, telephone diaries and business cards.  Each piece is handcrafted from recycled brass metal and is avant garde in its look and feel.  All items can be customized as per your specifications.

Brass Book

Brass Book

The book can be customized into a photo album, scrapbook or a visitors book. The spine is attached with pure leather strips riveted onto the brass plates. Available in antique, mirror and lacquered finish.

Scrapbook in Brass Scrapbook in Brass

Scrapbook pages in brass Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbooks & Photo Albums in Brass Metal

A range of beautifully handcrafted books to store and highlight your memorable and treasured moments. Each page is individually crafted from the finest recycled handmade paper and raw materials. Pages have a mix of brass motifs, fiber papers, beads, embroidery and hand painted edges.

Brass greeting card with OM Ganesha Card

Brass Greeting Card Dinner invite

Christmas Card Holiday Card

Handmade Card Valentines card

necklace greeting card Brass flower card

Greeting Card Brass Butterfly Card

Handmade Cards

A rare fusion of recycled handmade paper and motifs in brass metal. These simple yet stylish cards are a combination of modern materials with the natural. Each piece is individually stitched or riveted on paper. Over 100+ designs to choose from. The paper used is eco friendly, 100% recycled and handmade.

letter writing set by Anand Prakash Letter writing set by Anandz Creation Letter writing set

Letter writing paper with matching envelopes

A set five envelopes and six letter sheets exquisitely handcrafted from the finest silk and straw pressed handmade paper. Motifs are in pure brass. Papers have edges hand-painted in antique gold.

Brass journal with OM motif Journal by designer Anand Prakash

Handmade journal Brass Journal

Journals, Notebooks & Recipe Books

Handcrafted from recycled handmade paper. Each has a brass motif riveted to the cover. All books have ruled pages and matching bookmarks.

Telephone Diary

Telephone Diaries

A  one of its kind telephone diary. The separator pages are hand-torn and painted in antique gold. The book is bound in a layered format for easy reference.

There are two kinds of books, one with brass lettering and one with printed letters.

Gift Box

Handmade Boxes

Boxes with cardboard backing handcrafted from recycled handmade paper. Each has a brass motif riveted at the top of the lid.

These can be customized and made to order.

Brass Bottle Bag Gift Bag

Paper Bags Gift Bags

Paper Bags

Use our exquisitely handcrafted bags to make gifting a unique affair. Designs are made in limited numbers to maintain their exclusivity. They come in four sizes; small, medium, large and bottle. All bags are made from metallic and silk-pressed recycled handmade paper.