Contest winner

We are happy to announce the winner for the “Favourite book with AP bookmark” contest: Instagram handle @thesilentseer



A bookmark is like a milestone, it marks your progress in the journey. It tells you how far you have come and how far you’re yet to go. It provides you the opportunity to rest, ruminate and introspect, with the solace that you will never get lost or have to begin afresh. It allows you to carry onwards from where you left and entices you to move towards your destination.

And here in this story of a coveted gem, this bookmark is my milestone on my journey and on many more yet to come.

Many congratulations to @thesilentseer

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Here is your chance to win an Anand Prakash gift box featuring a luxe silk journal, a 24K goldplated pen and a business card holder.

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We believe in creating timeless pieces of art that share a bond with you for years to come.

Contest ends 10th September 2018

We will select one lucky winner on 12th September 2018 based on the photograph and post.

Customised work for The Hindu



Our association with The Hindu stretches back to 2012 when the Frontline magazine was being relaunched with a new look and feel, and the gifts for the guests and visiting dignitaries was done by us.  In the last few years, Anand Prakash has been the official gift partner for The Hindu Conclave and The Hindu Lit For Life literature festival.

The Hindu approached us to design a range of merchandise to be sold from their new venture called The Hindu Lounge. Both the teams brainstormed on the range that could be developed keeping in mind the audience of The Hindu newspaper.

I have always had a fascination with newspapers and in the past, we have done a highly successful crowd-funded design project with newspapers called the 5th of June project. With them, I had a few ideas:

1. Use old and rare photographs from their 140-year-old archives. The team went through hundreds of them and chose the following three: The Madras sepoy from the early 19th century, NCC cadets marching over the Triplicane bridge and The Kasturi Building. These photos were printed by hand on handspun cotton fabric sourced from cooperatives in Andhra Pradesh. The hand printing process until now was only used by us on paper, therefore, we had to do a lot of experimentation on cotton fabric. The difficulty was in getting the picture onto the fabric as it had uneven threads and the weaves had a lot of gaps. After much trial, error and learning our screen printers mastered the art. Below are a few pictures of our experimentation and the final pieces.

Hindulounge2 Hindulounge7Hindulounge6 Hindulounge3


2. To work with handmade and recycled paper using their old newspapers. Bundles of old The Hindu newspapers were sent to our village paper making units where they were mixed and embedded with old cotton rags and recycled into sheets of handmade paper. These sheets were then used to make a range of products like cards, envelopes, notepads, paper packs, gift tags, etc.

Hindulounge4 DSC_7095

3. Use old The Hindu newspapers creatively for binding the covers. We used our signature style of colouring and dyeing newsprint to create the below range of blank journals, notepads and pencils.


Yoga range

On International Yoga Day, we present a range of bookmarks, key chains, journals, pencils, pens, jewelry and gifts inspired by the ancient practice of Yoga. In today’s fast paced world, it has become more relevant and important for us to look at our physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Now available on our all new website.


Handprinted by silkscreen on handloom cotton. Experimenting for an upcoming range of memorabilia for The Hindu newspaper, designed exclusively by AP.

The Hindu shared their archives, which incidentally is over 140 years old. Watch this space for some interesting experiments with handloom cotton, recycled paper and old The Hindu newspapers.

2 million bookmarks

For the joy of reading! Anand Prakash has sold over 20,00,000 bookmarks. We are glad that so many people have our designs in their books.

Our all new website with over 800 products and 200 bookmark designs will be live from Monday, 10th June.

Bicycle bookmark

Book: An old edition of “The complete tales & poems of Edgar Allan Poe”

Bookmark: Bicycle by Anand Prakash

A selection of 275 bookmarks will be available soon from our all new website.


Colour has always been an integral part of Anand Prakash. Our vignette scriptum journals are created my master printers who are adept at the art of fusing colours during the screen printing process. Our master printers hold more than forty years of experience and its an art that is getting rarer with each passing day. Many processes and techniques used at AP have been passed on from generation to generation and in the coming days, it will stop as the new generation is no longer interested in them therefore lets experience them till they last. Coming soon to our all new website.

Gold-brushed note cards

For the joy of writing. Notecard from our Amer range. Each card goes through a time-taking 3-4 day process of embossing, printing, gold brushing and dusting by craftsmen with over four decades of experience. Sadly, some of them are the last of their generation. The pattern has been traced from the walls of the Amer fort in Jaipur. Available in boxed sets of ten with envelopes. Coming soon to our all new website

Inspiration – Mint stamps

Two unused British-India stamps in mint condition from our collection. Our love for vintage always inspires new designs and ranges using craft and printing techniques that have been passed on from generations. Every season, we always find ways to present these timeless pieces in a new design form across many of our products. Coming soon to our all new website

Silk screen printing

It’s 9:30pm and away from the din of day, the silence at the studio gives me time to think and bring my ideas to the drawing table. Here is a glimpse into an upcoming design. I am working on a hand printed range and to get the right colour, I will keep exploring a zillion hues till I find the perfect one. Testing all types of papers, ranging from fibrous handmade to the regular mill made. At AP nothing is approved without an actual prototype; my eyes see to believe and my hands touch to feel the emerging piece that the mind has visualised a very long time ago. The Idea germinates till the time is right and when it is time, the various elements fall into place to give you another piece of art. Coming soon.


Today, out of the blue, I picked-up a sliver of cotton textile and some red thread. I sewed randomly and realised that with todays machines and softwares; a lot of us are losing touch with real craftsmanship. As designers, we need to experience the ideas we set forth to create.

The last I sewed was over a decade ago, it was a time when I was busy discovering my dexterity in crafts. My solemn promise today is to get back to working with my hands. I have done it well in the past and hope to do more in the days ahead as it brings me closer to my passion. How about you?

Sketch Books

Artist: @ReubenFernandes #PatronsOfAnandPrakash

Reuben is an engineer by profession and an artist by passion. A biker, learning kung-fu and indulging in home-gardening. There is a Royal Enfield Super Delux in his family, purchased in 1986 and has done over 93000 kilometres. Flip through his watercolours above.

Sketch Book by Anand Prakash, banana-fibre paper cover with a textile spine. The drawing sheets are handmade from white recycled cotton. Chlorine, acid and lignin free. Available in a variety of sizes. Try and buy at our stores in Kalaghoda(Mumbai) and Shahpur Jat(Delhi)

All art and pictures by Reuben Fernandes

Anonymous Journal & Bookmark

Many moons ago, an anonymous person shared a poem called “my soul is deeply dyed” written by an anonymous poet. Since then, I have always wondered about the anonymous poems and paintings that I come across from time to time. Anonymous donors to charity, anonymous benefactors and anonymous acts of kindness. I was lately told about an anonymous person, who regularly bought a lot of my work to encourage me in my early self-taught career.

– this range is my ode to those anonymous souls living in obscurity, many of them have given us beautiful words and many of them have changed lives by their kindness.

A blank journal and bookmark for the anonymous you…

The entrepreneur at the mela


Surajkund International Crafts Mela, Haryana

A picture speaks a thousand words. While leaving the Surajkund Crafts Mela, I saw this young crisply-dressed gentleman(let’s call him Mintu) selling these horses to passersby. He reminded me of the Indian entrepreneur, self-motivated and raring to go against odds, the odds here could be the event organisers as It looked like he gate-crashed. This gentleman was carrying three of his horses as he wouldn’t have the time to replenish his stock midway. There was a lot of confidence in him while he tried to sell his pieces to people passing by, some families stopped, tried to haggle on the price and mostly moved on when they couldn’t get a deal of their choice. Mintu looked prepared for the evening, he was trying to spot his potential customers, eye contact is enough to make the move, his eyes met mine but I think I did not fit the bill because he then glanced over my shoulders. A glance here and a glance there, he was hunting for two sets of people; a potential customer and the potential babu who could evict him and ruin his big day.

In Daltonganj, where I spent a part of my childhood, these horses would be like trophies in the drawing room, a piece of art to show off to visiting guests, the talk would be of how one managed to get a good deal on these pieces of art and how it would beautify the space that it occupied. Drawing rooms that I remember often have stuffed animals, crystal pieces, artificial flowers in vases and not to forget the framed paintings and cross stitch done by the girls before their marriages. I remember the display of one of my relatives; the daughter proudly displayed her pieces of craft in the “sunmica” lined case. Whenever I got an opportunity to see her craft, I went back home and haggled with my mother for pocket money to buy material to replicate the very same pieces.

Coming back to Mintu, I started to think about his potential customers. A family with children was interested, the child was inspecting the horse while the parents looked on, Mintu would occasionally pat the horse to demonstrate how sturdy it was, the child was convinced but not the parents, the father was still thinking if the price was right while Mintu was employing every trick in his trade to convince his grahak(customer). After all this time, the father finally found reasons not to buy; “Ghar par jagah nahi hain rakhne ke liye aur waise bhi tum ek din main bore ho jaoge”(There is no space to keep it at home and you will get bored of it in a day)

Mintu was smartly dressed for his age, trousers with a folded hem and matching shoes. He looked confident as it is not easy to carry three horses against the flow of people, I have a feeling that he must have observed and learnt from his elders. With his three horses, he stood out from the crowd. Was this the primary reason for him to carry three of them? If he was carrying one, I am sure I too would have missed him.

I imagined him studying his customer and then using the right words and descriptions to make the pitch, there must be a strategy and some planning and these must have worked earlier in his favour. While most of the people just walked past him, some glanced at the horses and hesitatingly heard him out. With a few hours remaining for the mela to close, I wondered how many horses he had sold, did he have more stock, was it strategically stored somewhere around the premises for easy access, what if he sold all three within the next few minutes, would he have more to sell? I think he needs his three horses to be battle ready, it gives him the confidence to sell and makes him stand out in the sea of people.

I observed him for only 2-3 minutes and then took a picture. I wish I had stopped to talk to him, I could have learned more. 

Photo by Anand Prakash

Pencils in blue

Pencils in electric blue with 24 k gold plated stars and individually customised name. Created by Anand Prakash for a special client and is a part of an elaborate luxe set.

Ludo, snakes and ladders

Ludo, snakes and ladders in teak wood. A collectors edition. Available now at our stores in Delhi and Mumbai. Board games were an integral part of my childhood and till today they fascinate me. The rolling of the dice, the anticipation of getting a six, the apprehension of being crossed and sent back home are deeply ingrained in my memory.

Gift Sponsor – Lit for Life, The Hindu

Anand Prakash was the official gift partner at the literature festival LIT FOR LIFE organised by The Hindu. Our timeless bookmarks are perfect companions for every bibliophile. lfl logo_Edit-02

Stapler in teak wood

We launched our stapler in teak-wood and other wooden accessories in July 2016.
We inlaid our signature 24 K gold plated brass metal jaalis and worked for over a year to put this range together, we worked across five cities with multiple craftsmen and is one of our favourites. Available in a limited edition. Stapler, measuring tape, paper clip and business card holder neatly packed in a teak wood case.


Rosewood Measuring Tape

We launched our rosewood measuring tapes in June of 2017 and used them as giveaways from our flagship store at Kalaghoda. We are now retailing them for Rs 490/-

Rosewood is rare and highly prized, it is mostly available in smaller sizes and the grain and feel of the wood is unmatched. An Anand Prakash product comes to you through an experience of over 17 years and the uncompromising quality of our products has been our forte ever since.IMG_5186

A little bit of paint


Break the monotony of everyday life and indulge in something you love and long to do. You don’t need to be a superstar in everything you do, just indulge in your hobbies, pastimes or whatever pleases you. The excuse that we do not have time is a never-ending one hence make time. Giving your mind a break from everyday life helps in refocusing and starting with a fresh perspective.  Goa Diaries 2nd February 2018

Yellow Flowers


Nayantara, three years old and counting, brings a few yellow flowers to me and says, “these are for you”. She says she picked them up from below a tree where they had fallen. I look at them and think, what should I do with them? I compose this picture and certainly know that it is going to be preserved for posterity. The colour yellow was so intense that it got me thinking!

Yellow is the color of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy. Yellow produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness and stimulates mental activity.

Goa Diaries, 2nd February 2018


Roof Tiles

Roof tiles from Mangalore. German missionaries introduced these to Mangalore around 1865 and spawned numerous entrepreneurs, at one time crores of these tiles were being shipped globally but now there has been a decline in its demand. These remind me of our old home that had tiles a few decades ago. If you care to look, there are interesting things all around us. Happy exploring. #tajholidayvillage #tiles #mangaloretiles #interiors #goa



Time to recharge #Ideation #anandprakash2.0 #newbegining #beyou #lifeisbeautiful #ideas #think #reinvent #catchup #notinahurry #chartyourown #stop #peace #adrenalinerush #anandprakash

New Pens


I have been working on developing newer designs in writing instruments. Pens have caught my fancy lately and I have lined-up a few minimal designs working only with the shapes. Most of our pens are sculpted from blocks of raw metal and each day we end-up with something new. My experiments will continue and I am sure lots of exciting designs are on the anvil. We are trying finishes like rose gold, black nickel and rhodium.