Family picnic in Palamau, Jharkhand. These jungles are supposed to be the hotbed of Maoist Naxalites. In the past, this was the way to beautiful picnics on New Years. Mostly untouched by humans, the indigenous people here take only what they need from nature, the rest is as it is. Love to be back in between the lush green forests.

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Yoga range

Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind and spirit. The continued practice of yoga leads to a sense of peace and well-being and also a feeling of being at one with the environment. On popular demand, our Yoga range is coming soon.

Aeronautical range

Aeronautical range. It’s been five years at the Mumbai Airport and some of our most loyal and ardent patrons are pilots and crew members. This is our way of saying Thank You for your support and patronage across the years. We hope to be with you while you waltz across the skies.



Common Name: Rufous-necked Hornbill

Scientific Name: Aceros Nipalensis

Local Names: Dao yuny gajao (Cachari)

Field Characters: Male with bushy crest, rufous on neck and maroon on abdomen.

Distribution: Himalayan foothills of eastern India.

Habits: Main arboreal and frugivorous. Sometimes descends to the ground to pick up fallen fruit. Keeps in pairs or small parties.

Flight has a noisy flapping, sailing, dipping pattern.

Food: Large drupes and berries swallowed whole.

Call: A variety of roars, croaks and cackles. Both male and female duet with a call reminiscent of an axe striking wood.

Nesting: Season – April – May

Nest: the usual hornbill nest in the hollow of a lofty tree

Eggs – 1 or 2

Vintage document notebooks

Vintage cover notebooks with old revenue stamps and documents. We have been experimenting with different kinds of book-binding and materials used in our journals.

Drawing books

Make a statement with our pocket-sized sketchbooks covered in vintage newsprint and raw silk. The drawing sheets are handmade from white recycled cotton. Chlorine, acid and lignin free. Available in a variety of sizes at our stores in Mumbai and Delhi.

Handmade journals

For the love of writing. Fresh new colours in our banana fiber journals. Hand stitched using 100% recycled paper sourced from rural recycling units. The joy of writing on textured and uneven paper is an experience in itself, come try our papers at our store in Kala Ghoda and experience its versatility.

Don’t miss the little birdie in the corner of the picture!

Mantra tea light holders

This festive season, bring home our new Mantra tea light holders from our Ananya Diwali range, packaged in red and matt-gold gift boxes. A gift for yourself.

Bookmark for Penguin India

Penguin and Anand Prakash come together with this bespoke bookmark exclusively designed for the new novel “The Golden House” by Salman Rushdie.

Picture courtesy: @penguinindia

Railing pattern

Wynberg Railing

Our childhood memories are sometimes so strong that they affect some part of our present being and thought process. A lot of my work is inspired by my past experiences and I love weaving them into stories. Simple experiences have had a significant and profound impact in my current work.

This is a cement railing at Wynberg Allen School. While I was studying there, I found these peculiar and unlike any other railings. I did observe them and also saw what went into its making; cement cast over a steel frame. I sometimes wondered how this design was reached and agreed upon. This school is over 125 years old and I am sure these railings are a few decades old.

So, below is the pattern where I will be using this.

wynberg railing1

Photo frame

An old-fashioned photo frame, made from seasoned teak wood. Minimal and with no metal, bling, gold, intricacies, etc. Just a simple picture frame where the centre of attraction should be the picture! Size: 4×6 inches. These will be available at our stores from mid August.

Horses inspired from Kala Ghoda

Horses, inspired by Kalaghoda. White and gold instead of the typical black. Here's our fresh new range of notecards, jewelry, pencils, cuff links, paperweights, key chains, notebooks and notepads. Now available at our flagship store at Kalaghoda, Fort.

Kalaghoda Map

We redrew the Kalaghoda map with our store location and historical places of interest. Maps and drawings have always been an integral part of our design thinking. We have used numerous authentic ones to decorate our journals and pencils. Soon, the handprinted Kalaghoda map with information on historic monuments in the vicinity, will be available free of cost for our visitors to explore the precincts.


On Global Tiger Day, a stanza from one of my favourite poems:

Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
~ by William Blake

I fondly remember Betla tiger reserve that was very close to our home, every year we would visit the wildlife park and hire a jeep with extra lights. While in the park, small movements would startle us and our guide would tell us about the animal that we could rarely see. In the small eating joint around the park, there was a notice board that had the name of the visitor who last sighted a Tiger. Many a times our vehicle was chased by wild elephants and the only animals that we saw in abundance were deer and bison.

Coming soon, a range of products with the Tiger as a theme.

Flagship store now open

It is our pleasure to invite you to our flagship store at Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai. Come experience the result of a creative journey spanning over a decade. Anand Prakash has reached this milestone only because of you therefore we welcome you to visit us and experience the stories that we have thoughtfully curated. With the launch, we have released over fifty new products and ranges. There is something for everyone, right from luxury to the everyday; pieces of art in our signature style. 

Address: 86, Corner Shop, Plot no. 94, Natwar Chambers, Nagindas Master Road, Fort (Kalaghoda), Mumbai – 400001

Tel: +91-22-49703678

(Near Burma Burma Restaurant)

Luxe writing book

A luxury writing book with a hand loom cotton cover and an intricate metal lattice. Inspired from patterns on the Amer fort in Jaipur. Releasing in a few days from our Kalaghoda store in fort, Mumbai.

Indigo dye pendant

Pendant filled with powdered Indigo dye. India has a rich past with Indigo; right from Gandhiji’s movement for Indigo planters in Champaran to today’s popular Indigo dyed fabric. I have often loved the dye, it’s varying shades and the feel of the dyed fabric. Our Indigo journals are very popular and this pendant is an extension of that range. Here is your chance to wear the dye in powdered form in our 24 K gold plated neck-piece. This pendant was made from one solid block of brass metal by our craftsmen using basic home-made tools. Our Indigo filled pendants are a statement that you wear and it’s like no other.

We are also considering other India inspired dyes and powders to include in this range. We look forward to your feedback.

Horse Paperweight

24 K Goldplated Paperweight to adorn your table. ‘Tis the season hence many more horses to come. This will be available at our new Kala Ghoda store that is opening in a few days.


While I was a child, I would observe sparrows from our veranda, their movements and chirping were naturally synchronised. Parrots in their bright plumage, screeching-by in riotous unison would fascinate me to no end. I would climb the Guava tree in our back yard and find numerous fruits half eaten by them. Then during schooling at Wynberg Allen, my brush with nature and the avian species left an indelible mark that has stayed with me till today. 
Three years ago, I decided to create a range of products with “Birds” as a theme, this was also because of the urban landscape that I lived-in had no space for them. My team researched birds, their habitats, common name, scientific name, field characters, distribution, habits, food, nesting and calling signs. We commissioned an artist to create a limited edition of water colour paintings on birds, these were mounted on framable handmade cards. We then expanded our range with handmade journals, each with textile spines and printed covers. We then went on to create metal bookmarks in the shape of a few birds. Each product comes with a booklet explaining the detailed habitat and characteristics of each bird featured in the range.

Being self taught and having started as a designer with an untrained mind, I always chose subjects and ideas that were close to my heart. I was never one of those that followed trends and forecasts. The road that I chose was less travelled and thats made all the difference.

This range took three years to complete because I couldn’t devote enough time in designing the packaging and information that would go along with it. All said and done, it has now been released and is a must for stationery collectors and bird aficionados.