The Past

“Seek the path that demands your whole being”

The pursuit of happiness, for me, lies in the world of arts and crafts. Even as a young boy, I always had a deep desire to create something beautiful, meaningful, and lasting.

I was fortunate to be encouraged by my family, and to live close to nature. At Wynberg Allen School in Mussoorie, through the course work, I honed my sense of colour and design. My own experiments during vacations helped me develop that aesthetic further.

At some point, persuaded by conventional definitions of career and success, I began to study economics, but I could never resist the tug of crafts. Finally, in 1999, I decided to listen to my inner wisdom and follow my calling.

“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears”

The first medium that I started working with was paper.

Versatile, beautiful and very under-utilized in India at the time, it was the perfect material for me to begin my business with.

With no formal training in arts and crafts, I tapped into my intuitive skill and created greeting cards and bookmarks that I first gifted friends and family, and then began to retail.

In the Delhi of the late Nineties, there was little demand for or interest in handcrafted paper products. The entrepreneur in me did not give up. I had taken a leap of faith to invest time and hard work in this business and if there was no market for my products, I was determined to create one.

Eventually, a few stores in Delhi agreed to stock my label. The aesthetic may have not been as sophisticated as it is now but even at that time, the products were distinctive and beautiful.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.”

As more customers discovered my work, the pace of business picked up.

I, too, began learning more about both the creative and technical aspects of my work. Travelling across the world, I visited and participated in exhibitions, trade fairs, shows and expos, developing an understanding for materials, processes and trends.

I built relationships with some of the best manufacturers and vendors in the world, which I still and always will value. With growing sales and more praise for my products, my confidence in them grew and I started exporting them to UK, Singapore, Australia USA, France and Germany

In 2007, I began incorporating metal craft into my designs. It was an important move, both commercially and emotionally, because my family business is of metal. And to bring the material into my own entrepreneurial journey felt natural.

The market’s response to the metal craft was overwhelming. This allowed me to expand the range of products of my brand, which was now called Anand Prakash.

Soon after, I set up a R&D team and my own manufacturing unit. We created a website for the brand and showcased our products online.

At Anand Prakash, we approach every aspect of our work with a sense of inclusiveness – every member of every team is crucial to the process. We also respect the process very deeply. This is a privileged opportunity, to be able to devote time, energy and resources to the integrity of the creative process.

And now, I am personally training trusted team-members to be even more integral to the creative and management streams. So that as they grow, we all grow, serving our customers and the world even more.

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky”

Our aesthetic is rooted in an Indian vocabulary, and is global in its interpretation. Our repertoire has expanded in both its mediums and products.

My team and I work hard to tell new stories, with better design, with each range. Our customers – both old and new – have come to expect superior quality from us, and excellent service; their referrals and continued support are priceless.

Profitability and expansion are, for us, organic and linked to both our past and our future. Being successful means being true to ourselves, our customers and the world around us.

With an online presence, and stores across the country, I am immensely grateful and humbled by the fact that my brand is now synonymous with quality and versatility. Our aesthetic is our signature.

It is this fact that my team and I consider a privilege and cherish every day that we come to work at Anand Prakash.

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  2. Hi Anand

    I am a huge fan of your work. I had a small gift business in Cape Town South Africa.Wish I had known you then.
    Have been in Bangalore with my husband and kids for just over a year now
    My favourite of your amazing things are your metal bookmarks. I use them for wrapping gifts in silk and then finishing off the gift with a bow together with the bookmark dangling on the ribbon it looks fab! I have been asked to source some things for a large South African company. Are you interested Kind regards Tracy

  3. Beautiful awe-spiring work. I read your profile and got hugely inspired seeing your work. great job. Best wishes

  4. I was completely blown away when I saw ur bookmarks @ a pune store….fabulous work!
    Would like to attend ur workshops in Mumbai. All the very best for ur creative pursuits ahead.

  5. i was gifted a KRISHNA bookmark by my friend yesterday. it was so breathtakingly beautiful and divine. i will treasure it forever.
    -Sanjay Chawla.

  6. Hi Anand,

    your work is simply soo beautiful. I am a creative person myself, but your work was enlightening.
    Thanks for displaying such good work. i wanted to know if you hold workshops anywhere? i would like to attend if possible.
    please inform us!

  7. WOW!!
    for what…?
    not just for ur creative work.. rather wow.. to God that he creates person with same quality with same name..yes, me too anand prakash and with same skill as yours, though i’ve left those creativity, passions, interests etc… today i just tried to type my name on google and got u. i become nostalgic really. anyways sir, all the best for your future, and keep the work touching sky.. loved your all stuffs… great.
    one thing more to say, if u have any plan for pune, please do inform me. will meet sure.

  8. Amazingly creative and beautifully crafted… when will you be showing in mumbai next?? can’t wait!! Best of luck..Gouri

  9. Hey Anand …m a big fan of urs amazing wrk…wow jus love all ur creations hope to attend ur workshop may b soon…pls if u cud inform me bat the workshop if u plan to do in Mumbai or Pune ..thanks

  10. Hi Anand…
    love every bit of ure work ..I’m very fond of craft and love to learn any kind new techniques available !! n u have it alll !!plls inform me if u keep this workshop in mumbai or pune …eagerly waiting

  11. hello there….. wanted to know where in pune wud i be able to get your amazing bookmarks…. and do u even custom book marks (like names )
    thank you

  12. My friend sent me the link to your website after receiving one of your bookmarks as a gift. I’m blown away and would really consider buying some in bulk for when I get married (whenever that is) to give away to the guests as a wedding momento. I wish you shipped to South Africa though, but keep up the fabulous work!

  13. Hi there… any visit to pune.. beautiful work.. plsss inform for any workshop in pune.. awaiting…thks…

  14. hello sir i am thrilled to read that despite of all odds u have able to persue your passion for craft i am sending my daughter to wynberg allen school class 1 i hope all goes well for my daughter also

  15. Dear sir,

    last week i visited ur store in mumbai airport, and truely amazing products, really impressed, i bought couple of stuff, but now after coming back to bangalore i thought i should have bought few more to gift my near and dear ones.
    i am interested in the 24carat gold plated bookmarks, but its not available in ur online store, please let me know how should i go about it.

    thank you

  16. My boyfriend gifted your bookmark and a small journal to me on my birthday last year. He was flying from Mumbai to Delhi the very same day so he picked it up from your store on Mumbai airport. Your work is so good. It felt like such a thoughtful gift. Keep up the good work. :)

  17. Ur site is not working properly ,I want 2 buy book marks kindly tell me sum other way where I can shop online 4 ur product

  18. Hi Sir, I happened to be in Mumbai airport and bought a whole bunch of your bookmarks to bring back with me to the U.S. I think you are a phenomenal artist and bring forth a simple everyday object to a large memory of India. We love it and you make us nostalgic. I find it difficult to part with my bookmarks and wish I had bought some more.

  19. Hi,

    It is an amazing collection. Picked up some samples from Mumbai Airport. All my friends are hugely impressed with my purchage specially bookmarks and are going to order themselves.

    Carry on good work!

  20. I picked up the car ornaments and bookmarks from the Mumbai airport. The staff are amazing and encouraging. More so, your work of art very very much appreciated. I gifted this to some of my very close colleagues in Thailand and they loved it! It’s a very different gift from india – cultured yet stylish. The Thai’s like something which brings luck yet stylish. Maybe a factor which can be brought into when making and marketing the products.

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