Experiments with Khadi

Handprinted by silkscreen on Khadi. Experimenting for an upcoming range of memorabilia for The Hindu newspaper, designed exclusively by AP.

The Hindu shared their archives, which incidentally is over 140 years old. Watch this space for some interesting experiments with Khadi, recycled paper and old The Hindu newspapers.

Meri Kitab

Meri Kitab, the all time favourite bookmark is now available on our website.




Minimal, inspired from geometric lines. Releasing soon.

#shotbyAP Special thanks to Mrinalini.

2 million bookmarks

For the joy of reading! Anand Prakash has sold over 20,00,000 bookmarks. We are glad that so many people have our designs in their books.

Our all new website with over 800 products and 200 bookmark designs will be live from Monday, 10th June.

Fine stationery

For the love of writing. Exclusive stationery in fine Italian paper releasing next week from our all new website.

Bicycle bookmark

Book: An old edition of “The complete tales & poems of Edgar Allan Poe”

Bookmark: Bicycle by Anand Prakash

A selection of 275 bookmarks will be available soon from our all new website.


Colour has always been an integral part of Anand Prakash. Our vignette scriptum journals are created my master printers who are adept at the art of fusing colours during the screen printing process. Our master printers hold more than forty years of experience and its an art that is getting rarer with each passing day. Many processes and techniques used at AP have been passed on from generation to generation and in the coming days, it will stop as the new generation is no longer interested in them therefore lets experience them till they last. Coming soon to our all new website.