Rosewood Measuring Tape

We launched our rosewood measuring tapes in June of 2017 and used them as giveaways from our flagship store at Kalaghoda. We are now retailing them for Rs 490/-

Rosewood is rare and highly prized, it is mostly available in smaller sizes and the grain and feel of the wood is unmatched. An Anand Prakash product comes to you through an experience of over 17 years and the uncompromising quality of our products has been our forte ever since.IMG_5186

Gift Sponsor – India Today Conclave

Anand Prakash was the official gift sponsor for the India Today Conclave – South 2018 #anandprakash #indiatoday #gifts

A little bit of paint


Break the monotony of everyday life and indulge in something you love and long to do. You don’t need to be a superstar in everything you do, just indulge in your hobbies, pastimes or whatever pleases you. The excuse that we do not have time is a never-ending one hence make time. Giving your mind a break from everyday life helps in refocusing and starting with a fresh perspective.  Goa Diaries 2nd February 2018

Yellow Flowers


Nayantara, three years old and counting, brings a few yellow flowers to me and says, “these are for you”. She says she picked them up from below a tree where they had fallen. I look at them and think, what should I do with them? I compose this picture and certainly know that it is going to be preserved for posterity. The colour yellow was so intense that it got me thinking!

Yellow is the color of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect and energy. Yellow produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness and stimulates mental activity.

Goa Diaries, 2nd February 2018


Roof Tiles

Roof tiles from Mangalore. German missionaries introduced these to Mangalore around 1865 and spawned numerous entrepreneurs, at one time crores of these tiles were being shipped globally but now there has been a decline in its demand. These remind me of our old home that had tiles a few decades ago. If you care to look, there are interesting things all around us. Happy exploring. #tajholidayvillage #tiles #mangaloretiles #interiors #goa



Time to recharge #Ideation #anandprakash2.0 #newbegining #beyou #lifeisbeautiful #ideas #think #reinvent #catchup #notinahurry #chartyourown #stop #peace #adrenalinerush #anandprakash