Railing pattern

Wynberg Railing

Our childhood memories are sometimes so strong that they affect some part of our present being and thought process. A lot of my work is inspired by my past experiences and I love weaving them into stories. Simple experiences have had a significant and profound impact in my current work.

This is a cement railing at Wynberg Allen School. While I was studying there, I found these peculiar and unlike any other railings. I did observe them and also saw what went into its making; cement cast over a steel frame. I sometimes wondered how this design was reached and agreed upon. This school is over 125 years old and I am sure these railings are a few decades old.

So, below is the pattern where I will be using this.

wynberg railing1


Motorcycles. These will be available at our Kala Ghoda store towards the end of August. Limited edition.


The magical part of my work is the typeface selection for branding and packaging of each new product range. Corel Draw+IPhone.

Photo frame

An old-fashioned photo frame, made from seasoned teak wood. Minimal and with no metal, bling, gold, intricacies, etc. Just a simple picture frame where the centre of attraction should be the picture! Size: 4×6 inches. These will be available at our stores from mid August.

Horses inspired from Kala Ghoda

Horses, inspired by Kalaghoda. White and gold instead of the typical black. Here's our fresh new range of notecards, jewelry, pencils, cuff links, paperweights, key chains, notebooks and notepads. Now available at our flagship store at Kalaghoda, Fort.

Kalaghoda Map

We redrew the Kalaghoda map with our store location and historical places of interest. Maps and drawings have always been an integral part of our design thinking. We have used numerous authentic ones to decorate our journals and pencils. Soon, the handprinted Kalaghoda map with information on historic monuments in the vicinity, will be available free of cost for our visitors to explore the precincts.