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The ranges below are not exhaustive, they are just a small part of my work. If you would like to receive a detailed catalogue of all our products and ranges then kindly scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

Key Chain Holder

Hand-polished key chain holder for your beautiful homes.

Key holder


Recycled wood coasters with modern Indian stamps

New India Stamp Coasters

Jharokha Bookmark


A few things that are Red at Anand Prakash


Wooden boxes with intricately-cut mesh

Multipurpose Boxes facebook

Pendants made with old and authentic maps of India

Map pendants

Stationery tray in teak wood and metal.

stationery tray

Vintage paperweights with removable covers.

Paperweights Vintage

Scriptum Book

Make a statement with our intricately-cut 24 K gold plated metal book from our Scriptum series.

Scriptum book

Scriptum Cuff

Scriptum Cuff final

Intricately-cut metallic butterflies for your walls.

butterflies for your wall (2)

Boxed vintage newspaper note cards & envelopes, handmade, recycled and wood free.

Vintage Notecards

Sketch Books

With pages in handmade paper drawing sheets and raw silk cover.

sketch book

Wall Hangings

Handcrafted from handmade paper and recycled wood in a variety of designs.

Wall Hangings


Coasters with old Indian stamps, teak wood hand-polished in the old forgotten way.

British India stamp coasters

Butterfly Pendant

Intricately-cut brass metal, 24 K gold-plated.

butterfly pendant

Wooden Notecards Holder

DSC_0237 DSC_0243

Wooden Trays & Coasters

Our new range of trays and coasters featuring old and authentic documents, stamps, maps, etc.


Wooden Coaster Old Maps Coasters

Perfumed Candles in Brass Holders

A set of two perfumed candles in a hand-beaten metal container. Beautifully packed in a recycled wood box. Limited edition. Available in Nickel and Brass polish.



New bookmark designs now available

new bookmarks now available

Miniature Ambassador


Miniature Scooter

Handmade Scooter

Teak Wood & 24 Karat Gold Plated Metal

A range of products for your home in wood and intricately-cut metal.

Intricately-cut metal clock

DSC_0227 DSC_0234

Goldplated Hook in Teak WoodTeak wood tray with intricately cut metal

Gold-plated Tiranga


Ambassador in brass metal


Range of products in Wood & Metal – Pencil Box, Multipurpose Box

Pencil box by Anand Prakash Handcrafted wooden box

Key Chain & Intricately-cut Door Hanger

Key Chains by Anand Prakash Door Hanger by Anand Prakash

Metal Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers by Anand Prakash

Bookmarks now available in 24 Karat Gold-Plating



An exquisitely hand-stitched journal inspired by the city of Jaipur using paper and printed cotton sourced from its by lanes.

It has forty blank pages recycled from natural jute fibre with no added color. Each journal comes with an intricately-cut bookmark in the shape of a Jharokha (an overhanging enclosed balcony used in Rajputana architecture)




Mahatma Gandhi Bookmark in metal


Our online store for bookmarks is now open

Online Store


New Bookmarks in Brass Metal

Saraswati Aeroplane Cricketer

DSC_0473 Indian Musician Railway Engine

Vintage Travel Journal


This is a range of exquisitely bound and hand-stitched journals. The spine is in raw-silk and the covers are made from old and authentic papers, documents, postage and revenue stamps from pre-independence British India, dating across 1870-1946. All the documents were hand-written in Urdu, Hindi and other Indian languages.



Jewelry in metal inspired by quilling

Jewelery in metal  Jewelry by Anand Prakash

These pieces in this range have been hammered from strips of metal and are like a spring coil if you push them from below.  It has a matt finish with no coating whatsoever. I have wanted to highlight the natural tarnishing that occurs in brass with the advent of time. These are available in a limited edition of 99 pcs and each set comes individually packed in boxes. Total length of strips used : 128 inches

 Brass Metal Pendant Paper Quilling Inspired Pendant DSC_0497

Scriptum – objet d’art in brass metal



Book Ends Pen Holder

Journal Holder Paper Holder Paper Weight

New Bookmarks in Brass Metal

Scriptum India Map Scriptum Fine Hindi Intricate Key


Heart Linear Heart Mixed OM

Ship Motorcycle Hand Rickshaw

Elephant Lion Horse

Journals in Indigo – dyed cotton

Handmade Journals in Indigo Dyed Cotton

Indigo by Anand PrakashI have been toying with the idea of Indigo from ages and finally it has come to fruition. The fabric caught my eye at one of the craft melas that I was visiting and this was about two years back. A small write-up by Brinda Suri is also packaged along with the journal in the form of a small booklet so that all of us who love Indigo can also treasure a part of its history. I have stayed natural with jute thread tassels and obviously it comes with my signature peacock bookmark in brass metal. Sometimes the story behind a product/design is much more stronger than the product itself. I have tried my best to do justice to it. I hope you enjoy the limited edition journals.

New Designs in Bookmarks

Bookmark Krishna Bookmark New Flower Bookmark Scooter

Bookmark Peacock Circular Bookmark Peacock Horizontal Bookmark Peacock Paisley

Bookmark Cycle Bookmark Web (BM-41) Bookmark Camel (BM-38)

Bookmark Fish (BM-40) Bookmark Gayatri Mantra (BM-43) Bookmark Hindi Numbers(BM-46)

Bookmark Hindli Letters(BM-45) Bookmark Meri Kitab (BM-44) Bookmark Parrot (BM-39)

Steel Coasters – New Additions

Steel Coasters

Vintage Newsprint, Circa 1971


Handmade Journals DSC_0326

I love the newspaper as much as other people despise it and I read two full editions every single day.DSC_0273 This is my ode to thee!

While traveling I came across an organisation that was discarding old newspapers that were bound in volumes. These vintage newspapers are dated 1971 and have yellowed and aged with time. I aptly thought of creating a new range of handmade journals, boxes and pencils with them. I have some left which I may use on some of my walls.

DSC_0346 DSC_0350 Newsprint Cover Journals

Embossed Thank You Note Cards (Sets of ten)

Thank you cards

The inspiration to design this range of boxed notecards was my love for stationery, I thought to myself, “Why not say it with style.” The joy of eliciting a smile is the greatest. Before I design most of my products I Boxed Note Cardstry and imagine if I would love to use them.

The papers that I have used are all Italian (Sorry! for the deviation from handmade). I think designers need to explore all mediums and not limit themselves to just a few. People do not have the wherewithal to do it hence it is our duty to design for everyone. Actually a lot of my clients have been asking for stationery with clean lines, embossing, etc. I have also experimented with bright colours instead of the white, ivory, gold and beige. Notes should be lively and cheerful.

Hand-woven Cotton Journal With Prints in Vegetable Dye


Journals by Anand Prakash

An exquisitely hand-stitched journal with fifty blank pages in mill-made paper. The cover is made from handloom cotton printed with vegetable dyes. The cloth is made directly from raw-cotton in the villages close Handloom Cover Journalto cotton fields combining traditional Indian principles of cloth making with modern small-scale technology. It avoids baling and un-bailing of cotton by heavy machinery and unnecessary transport. It has a beautiful texture, is soft and keeps its shape for ages. Handloom weaving is today the largest non-farm employer in the country, and mostly rural at that. Each region has its particular weave, and that’s the beauty of handloom. The hand-woven cotton has prints in vegetable dyes.

Scriptum – Fine stationery with Hindi script

Meaning of Scriptum (Latin) : something drawn, a space enclosed by lines. Continuing my work with Hindi(Devnagari), Scriptum is Scriptum by Anand Prakasha range of fine stationery inspired from Hindi letters & language. I find Hindi very stylish, fashionable and something that’s close to my roots. The range consists of handmade cards, journals, metal bookmarks, wrapping papers, etc. The papers as usual are handmade, wood-free and recycled.


Hindi Letter Range

Indian Script Stationery Scriptum Stationery Indian Script Greeting Card Devnagri Script

Scriptum – Wall Clock in Solid Metal – Limited Edition

Metal Wall Clock Designer Wall Clock Handmade Clock

City Based Souvenirs & Gifts.

DSC_0253 DSC_0234

Intricately-cut bookmarks in metal

Bookmark Ganesha Bookmark Radhe Krishna Bookmark Sun

Bookmark Tree Bookmark Leaf Bookmark Lotus Small

Bookmark Star Bookmark Elephant Bookmark Ambassador

Bookmark Butterfly Bookmark Flower Bookmark Lotus Circular

Handmade Pencils by Anand Prakash

Pencils made from old maps (2) Handmade Pencils

Designer Stationery Pencils made from paper

New Bookmarks

Auto Rickshaw Bookmark in Brass Metal Cow Brass Metal Bookmark Pipal Leaf Brass Metal Bookmark2

Handmade Bookmarks


Autorickshaw Coaster Delhi Coaster Gift

Leather Journals

Presenting exquisite journals in pure leather. Each journal has an intricately-cut brass metal embellishment on the cover and also a matching bookmark. The journal comes equipped with an interior pocket for loose Leather Journalpapers (i.e. cards, notes and receipts) and an elastic fastener to protect sheets on your travels.

72 Lined Leaves (144 Pages) | Sewn Binding | Size: A5

It all started with a phone call to a friend in Kanpur, who I have known from school days. He runs a successful tannery, manufacturing a million square feet of leather every year. I learned quite a bit about the process and different types of leather. I have set down to doing some customised pieces in the coming future.

Véronique, a french lady based in Mumbai told me something very interesting about leather. She told me that every leather bound book is special and personal to each individual as it gets its look with time and usage, our hands sweat is unique and therefore its characteristics.

Leather Notebook Leather Journal with pocket

Travelogue This exclusive journal is for you to write down your thoughts while travelling as every journey deserves an unforgettable memoir. Fill the lined pages of the durable hardcover notebook with your favourite sites and most memorable experiences. The cover is made from old authentic maps dating back to the period 1885 – 1965. We travelled across many cities to source our maps and It took me a few months to find them. Each journal comes with an intricately-cut bookmark made from brass metal that mimics a compass. The journal comes equipped with an interior pocket for loose papers (i.e. cards, notes and receipts) and an elastic fastener to protect sheets on your travels.

72 Lined Leaves (144 Pages) | Sewn Binding | Size: A5

Travel Journal Designer Travel Journal

Handmade Journal Travellers Notebook Journal By Anand Prakash Old Map Journal

Travel Journal – Small

Travel Journal Travel Journal (2)




Jute is a natural fibre that I immensely love. I have been working with it for quite some time now. using tid-bits here and there. I have now released a journal with covers in bright hues made from jute fibre. The pages too are made from pure jute fibre and have not been treated with any colour or dye; they get the off-white shade naturally while the jute rags are being beaten into pulp to make the paper.


Jute Journal Jute Note Book



Monotone is a range of handmade cards, bookmarks, journals and stationery with Images hand-printed by silkscreen in single tones on  100% recycled and handmade paper.




Maharaja Collection

Sepia Handmade Card Maharaja Card Old Photograph Monotone (11)

Delhi Auto Card Qutab Minar Gateway of India Mumbai Taxi





Silk Journals Silk Journal Silk Journal2 Journal in Tassar





Water Hyacinth Paper

Water Hyacinth Paper

The paper is hand made by pressing the fibrous stalk of the water hyacinth plant(Eichhornia Crassipes) over craft paper.






“Luxe” is a limited edition of chic and trendy range of stationery, books, invitations and business cards. Each piece is handcrafted from recycled brass metal and is avant garde in its look and feel.



Brass Range Greeting Card Business card in brass Dinner Invite in brass Scrapbook pages in brass

Brass Range Books

Paper Jewellery

My first love and medium of choice is paper. While working with this medium I feel a sense of joy and belonging and I am always trying to mould it into a variety of products. This range of paper jewellery is handmade from recycled and 100% wood free paper. It has a special transparent coating to make it water-proof. The black border holding the quilled pendant is also recycled board. This in other words is environmentally responsible fashion.

Paper Jewellery Paper Jewellery Paper Jewellery Paper Jewellery


Spice range of stationery, recipe books, invitation cards, etc are quintessentially very me. I am a rebel and I love to create the unusual. The mediums I use are varied but simple. The Spice range was designed keeping the food connoisseur in mind as it brings a certain level of ingenuity to the otherwise mundane recipe books and invitations. It simply spices it up.

Dinner Invite Spice Business Card Recipe Book 2 Recipe Book 1Dinner Invite 2

Spice Paper

Paper with real spices entwined in its fibre, this is a combination of 100% recycled cotton rags with spices and is wood free. Below are a few of our papers, namely, bay-leaf, cardamom, cinnamon and cumin.


Bay Leaf Paper Cinnamon Paper Cardamom Paper Cumin Seed Paper

Cow Dung Range


This is a range of journals and greeting cards handcrafted from paper that is 100% recycled and handmade from cow dung and cotton rags. Cow dung is typically full of short to medium grained fibrous materials from the cows diet which when processed makes excellent paper. Naturally dried cow dung from cow shelters (also called “gaushalas”) is brought back to the village unit to make beautiful handmade paper. GauShala, a Sanskrit word, means the sanctuary or the abode for old,  sick, abandoned and stray cows, calves and oxen.(In Sanskrit, Gau means cow, Shala means a sanctuary).

Cowdungpaper1 Cow Dung Paper Greeting Card Cow Dung Paper Journal Cow Dung Paper Bookmark

Time Piece

This piece of art epitomises the experimental part of me. The inspiration for this “timepiece” runs back to the time when I was a young boy and the wooden scale with its rudimentary appeal was a constant source of fascination; it was a multipurpose tool and also a toy. This timepiece is sold by invitation.

Timepiece(1) Timepiece(3) Timepiece(4) Timepiece(2)

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The fascination with Egypt and its mysterious civilisation inspired me to create this unusual range of greeting cards, journals, bookmarks and gifts. All products have hieroglyphs with its meaning in english printed at the back. The hieroglyphs have been printed on a specially designed and environmentally responsible handmade paper that mimics a peeling wall texture. The papers that hold the hieroglyphs have been hand coated and brushed to give it that authentic look. This range has been developed after months of extensive research on hieroglyphs, papers and textures.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs 1 Egyptian Hieroglyphs 2 Egyptian Hieroglyphs 4 Egyptian Hieroglyphs 5

Handmade Cards

A few designs from our vast collection of over 1000+ designs

Handmade Greeting Card Handmade Greeting Card (7) Handmade Greeting Card (13) ACE-47A

Handmade Greeting Card (14) Handmade Greeting Card (18) Handmade Greeting Card (29) Flower Handmade Greeting Card (36)

Handmade Greeting Card in Canvas Handmade Greeting Card (35) Handmade Greeting Card (22) Handmade Greeting Card (21)

Handmade Greeting Card (2) Handmade Greeting Card (9) Handmade Greeting Card (19) Handmade Greeting Card (25)

Handmade Greeting Card (5) Handmade Greeting Card (15) Handmade Greeting Card (30) Jute Handmade Greeting Card (3)

Coconut Shell Handmade Greeting Card (4) Handmade Greeting Card (11) Handmade Greeting Card (26) Handmade Greeting Card (27)

Handmade Greeting Card (23) Handmade Greeting Card (17) Handmade Greeting Card (32) Natural Jutre Handmade Greeting Card (31)

Stone Handmade Greeting Card 8 Handmade Greeting Card (24) Handmade Greeting Card (6) Beaded Handmade Greeting Card (34)

Embroidered Cards

Handmade cards with panels hand-embroidered in georgette silk

EMBROIDERY Designer-1 (2) DSC05186 Handmade Greeting Card (16)

Scrapbook – Multicolour 

An exquisitely handcrafted scrapbook with individually designed pages to store and highlight your memorable and treasured moments .The covers are made from cotton canvas. The ring binder makes it easy to add/adjust pages as per your choice.

Designer Scrapbook Scrapbook Pages Scrapbook color Creative Scrapbook

Recycled Scrapbook Handmade Scrapbook Scrapbooking Scrapbook Page

Scrapbook Cover Scrapbook Folder

Scrapbook – Brass

An award winning photo album with individually designed pages to store and highlight the memorable and treasured moments .The ring binder makes it easy to add/adjust pages as per your choice. Pages have a mix of intricate brass motifs, fiber papers, beads, embroidery and hand painted edges. The cover is in pure silk with an etched brass motif in antique finish. This is our signature range with creativity its hallmark and intricate designs its character. Truly a collectors item!!

Scrapbook Page Scrapbook Sheet Scrapbooking Indian Scrapbook

Metal Scrapbook Scrapbook Brass Scrapbook Pages Scrapbook Pages2

Brass Scrapbook With Silk Cover Brass Scrapbook With Silk Cover2 Brass Scrapbook With Silk Cover3 Brass Scrapbook With Silk Cover4


Handmade Pencil Box

Egyptian Range - Pencil Box DSC09165

Coconut Shell Range – circa 2002

Coconut Shell Products (11) Coconut Shell Products (9) Coconut Shell Products (10) Coconut Shell Products (8)

Coconut Shell Products (7) Coconut Shell Products (6) DSC07858 Coconut Shell Products (12)

Coconut Shell Products (3) Coconut Shell Products (2) Coconut Shell Products (4) DL-6

Gift Tag Sets - Coconut Shell DSC02266 Coconut Range coconutshellpic

Sea Shell Range – circa 2002

Sea Shell Products (18) Sea Shell Products (19) Sea Shell Products (20) Sea Shell Products (21)

Sea Shell Products (12) Sea Shell Products (10) Sea Shell Products (15) Sea Shell Products (22)

Sea Shell Products (17) Sea Shell Products Sea Shell Products (23)


To receive a complete product catalogue, write to me with the following information:

Name, company, address, email and purpose for request of catalogue.

anandzcreation at gmail dot com

or by filling the form below with your name, company, address, email and purpose for request of catalogue.



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  28. hey anand.. i wann buy one of ur scrpbook. but coudn.t find any link to purchase it online.. could u plzz provide me link for scarpbook n photo albums

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