15 year waste project

For the last 15 years we collected our left-over and waste paper. Now these are sets of complimentary notecards and envelopes that we distribute with purchases from our stores. When you write on these note cards, do remember their journey across the years when they were a part of pathbreaking design and trend-setting paper products. 

Leather journals 

Leather bound journals handcrafted to perfection. Your constant companion made from the finest leather and paper. All Anand Prakash books are hand stitched by experienced binders; each going through a slew of processes and quality checks. Available in gift packs and with our signature accessories. 

Office accessories 

Office accessories.Jali



Intricate ornamental openwork in wood, metal, stone, etc.

A jali or jaali, is the term for a perforated stone or latticed screen, usually with an ornamental pattern constructed through the use of calligraphy and

geometry. This form of architectural decoration is found in Indian and Indo-Islamic Architecture. Early jali work was built by carving into stone, while later by the Mughals who employed the technique of inlay, using marble and semi-precious stones.

Match box labels from collectors

Vintage Indian matchbox labels sourced from collectors, now encased for posterity in our serving trays, coasters, trinket boxes and wall frames. Limited collectors edition of 25 exclusive pieces. 

Paper weaving

Paper weaving by Anand Prakash

This is vintage Anand Prakash , Strips of paper woven on a handmade paper card. This looks easy but it isn’t because the paper is very delicate as compared to cane and it becomes difficult to push the strips in. The pattern requires some calculation as one has to know when to go over or below.

The story of this pattern is interesting, Santosh was the craftsman who came up with this idea as he came from a family of chair-weavers and it came naturally to him. Since inception, I have learnt a lot from a wide variety of people which includes children. The best ideas have come from the most unexpected of sources.

Perks of working at our retail stores

Perks of working at our retail stores… At Anand Prakash normal and the ordinary don’t work, we did not like the nylon lanyards & plastic identity card holders that were available in the market so we thought let’s make one ourselves, you know if all of us put our minds together we can be very-very creative. In our signature style, with 24 k gold plating, here’s an identity card holder like no other.

Anand Prakash Identity Card 2


Wall clock

“Metamorphosis” of the Anand Prakash clock. From wood to now completely metal, 24 k gold/rhodium plated. A lot of products evolve with time and experimentation; it’s a labour of love, trial and error. I am always prepared to give it time because it’s a cycle; you ideate, design, prototype and then go for the final piece. A lot of times disappointment and sometimes success. I usually get to test/use the first piece, that’s a perk my work gives me.Our pieces of art have a soul, the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment.   Limited edition pieces coming soon.