Celebrating 15 years

logo - celebrating 15 years

This month its been 15 years since inception!
The idea took shape in the year 1999 when I was all set to go back home to join my family business. I did not go and here I am now doing what I do best. I took the chance and worked at it, believing only in myself; the rest as they say is history.
I started alone in 1999 and now Its a huge team spread across the country. I had the good fortune to turn my hobby into my profession. This has grown into something truly remarkable and I am only a very small part of it. It was also an opportunity for me to grow as an individual, I have learnt to value relationships and have met some of the best people and forged lasting friendships.
Every single day I come to work, is a new day with new happenings and projects and I love every moment of it so much that I have to pull myself away every evening.
Its been a great journey, your love and support for my work has been an inspiration to innovate, create and continue bringing a smile to your face.
Thank you and stay inspired!

Scriptum – Fine stationery with Hindi script

Scriptum by Anand Prakash

Meaning of Scriptum (Latin) : something drawn, a space enclosed by lines. Continuing my work with Hindi(Devnagari), Scriptum is a range of fine stationery inspired from Hindi letters & language. I find Hindi very stylish, fashionable and something that’s close to my roots. The range consists of handmade cards, journals, metal bookmarks, wrapping papers, etc. The papers as usual are handmade, wood-free and recycled.

Hindi Letter Range

Devnagri Script Scriptum Stationery Indian Script Greeting Card Indian Script Stationery


Greeting card printed by vignette silk-screen. Five colours are placed on the silk-screen and pulled together by hand thus mixing and merging to form the print on handmade paper. Every two impressions the colours need to be wiped and re-applied. Very few printers can manage this feat. What I love most is the variation in the colour and the surprising part is that it’s done by hand!

Online Store For Bookmarks by Anand Prakash – Now Open!

Anand Prakash online store

Our online store for bookmarks is now open at www.anandprakash.in for deliveries in India only. In a few months time we should have international deliveries too. Shipping is free on purchases above Rs500/-

Now you do not need to run-around looking for stores that have our products, there is also a guarantee of availability of all the 28 designs featured in our store. All orders are shipped to the address of your choice in India by the domestic service of FedEx. We accept payments by credit card, debit card, online bank transfer, cash card, direct bank deposit, etc.

Each bookmark comes with a complimentary envelope which can be used for gifting.

The Hindi Letters

I find Hindi very stylish, fashionable and something that’s close to my roots. I have launched a range of products that primarily focus on the Hindi letters and language, starting with bookmarks, clocks and journals…I will be releasing more designs and products shortly.


Handmade Clock Designer Wall Clock

Bookmark Hindli Letters(BM-45) Bookmark Hindi Numbers(BM-46) Bookmark Meri Kitab (BM-44) Bookmark Gayatri Mantra (BM-43)

The power of observation

The English dictionary meaning for observation- an act or instance of noticing or perceiving.

I believe in the power of observation as I have seen results. This word started to make real sense while I was visiting Milou Ket, a trend forecaster based in Amsterdam. While taking us around the city to various stores, places of interest, design galleries, etc. I noticed how keenly she went through the items/products on display. She would look at each product and explain minute details about them. Observation is key to new development and growth. The mind needs constant churning to produce results.

scrapbookpage1 One of the best examples that I can give you is of the picture on the left. This paper weave is inspired from the old chairs that were there at home while I was very young; a legacy of my grandfather. I was always intrigued with the patterns. The art is in being able to calculate how many strands to leave while you weave. Obviously now these chairs are history along with the artisans who did them. If you try and weave it with your hand, you will not be able to because there is a technique to do it…maybe I divulge it in one of my workshops! or should I keep it a trade secret? 

As I have no training in design, the only way for me to learn techniques is to observe from what is already there. Every Sunday I visit some mall in the vicinity looking for the latest trends and styles; with my hectic weekly schedule this seems to be the only time and way to do it.

For example: These days I see a lot of studs/rivets/brass fittings on products at stores like Diesel, The Collective, etc. I see it as a trend but the problem is that I have already been using these since the last 3-4 years, should I do more? I don’t  think so because this idea in particular is already done to death. I also notice Zippers being used in a variety of products, from bags to shirts, I don’t like the idea at the moment; lesson: think for yourself and do not always follow trends.

I have been toying with the idea of designing jewelry, I have invested in all the tools and relevant materials but I think the time is not right, so I will let the idea hibernate till I have a sure-shot saleable design in mind. You have to nurture an idea, water it like a plant and wait for it to bear fruit. Patience is the last thing I have, but I see myself changing; I spend an enormous amount of time and money in research and development, for example: while designing a new journal, I decided to test the strength of its binding, I opened and closed the journal more than a thousand times to test it – It did pass; many a times it does not. While speaking about jewelry, I try and observe the different kind of hooks that are being used in earrings, the different kinds of closures in necklaces, I need to get these right because the design can always come later, but the basics are far more important, if I get that wrong then I am starting on the wrong foot.

I wish I could travel more, there is so much to learn and absorb.

While travelling on a cycle rickshaw a few days back in chandni chowk, I noticed the wires overhead, they were unruly and haphazard, an idea struck me – everyone will see this idea take a shape and form very soon. The Journalmind needs to be trained to question the normal, if we don’t let our minds wander and explore, then we will have to be content with the normal and the mundane. One of the reasons why I have reached this far is because I had no formal training in design, therefore I learnt nothing and my mind was not trained to follow the norm. Every idea, material and technique that I see is always worth a try because you never know what may come of it. An example is a new material that I am using for my new range of journals. Nobody had used it therefore all were skeptical if it would work. I too could have let it go but I thought of giving it a try and the picture on the right is what’s coming soon.

A few unusual things that I have designed:


Time Piece

This piece of art epitomizes the experimental part of me. The inspiration for this “timepiece” runs back to the time when I was a young boy and the wooden scale with its rudimentary appeal was a constant source of fascination; it was a multipurpose tool and also a toy. This timepiece is sold by invitation.dinnerinvite


A very old design that still outsells newer ones- Spice card.

While watching an english movie I noticed the design and style of a photo frame, the idea struck me and I adapted it to my range of stationery.

While going through a book I keenly look at the cover, binding, stitching, pockets, etc. The structure intrigues me more than the subject. Have you noticed covers of fiction bestsellers? many a times we buy the book for its cover, imagining the picture as the real story. Many books sell well because of the technique used on the cover, like embossing, foil print, de-bossing, etc.

Lots of times when I discuss an observation that I have made about a place, a thing or a person, my friends and family find it rather amusing or even absurd! what would you call that?

While I speak so much about observation; I must also emphasize the power of listening to other people. Sometimes the best ideas come from people who are unrelated to your work – they offer you a fresh perspective and that my friends turns out to be a million-dollar idea. It is dangerous to tell or show me something; because you never know what I would do with it.

Nature has so much to give us, if we only had time to stare! this reminds me of an old poem from school by William Henry Davies:

What is this life if, full of care,We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to stand beneath the boughs and stare as long as sheep or cows.
No time to see, when woods we pass, where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.
No time to see, in broad daylight, streams full of stars, like skies at night.
No time to turn at Beauty’s glance, and watch her feet, how they can dance.
No time to wait till her mouth can, enrich that smile her eyes began.
A poor life this if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.

So here’s wishing everyone a year of happy observation!

Metal book inserts with individual names – Personalised Gifts

I present to you an intricately-cut metal book inserts personalised with the recipients name. Each book insert comes in an exclusive box made from raw-silk with a magnetic closure and a personalised note.

Available colours of boxes: Hot Pink, Raven Black & Royal Brocade

Personalised Metal Bookmark

Intricately Cut Bookmark Gift Indian Souvenir Indian Souvenir Bookmark

New Products In Metal

I am back after a long-long time. Its been a few tough months dealing with some unforeseen issues and circumstances. I have emerged stronger and I am raring to go. I have lots and lots of new things planned for the coming months. Let me begin by introducing some new products in metal.

Like I always say…for the joy of reading.

Bookmark Radhe Krishna

Bookmark in metal Bookmark Lotus Small Bookmark Lotus Circular

Bookmark Sun Bookmark Star Bookmark Ambassador

Hand Embroidered Card

This is the first glimpse of our new range of embroidered cards. We have gone a step ahead of what we had earlier in terms of embroidery. The latest range uses more intricate forms of hand-embroidery like “dabka” “aari” etc. The fabric used here is silk georgette. The envelopes too are premium quality with a lining of grained gold foil.

Designer-1 (2)  Designer-1 (3)

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Range – New Products Newsletter

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Range

Anand Prakash presents to you “Egyptian Hieroglyphs ” – a range of limited edition gifts & stationery.

Hieroglyphs have a fascinating story to tell. They are not merely a language but a gateway to understanding an entire civilization. They reflect the world view of the Egyptians and unfold the mysteries of the pharaohs. So what you see and feel transports you to the realm of ancient Egypt.

All products have hieroglyphs with its meaning in English printed at the back. The hieroglyphs have been printed on a specially designed handmade paper that mimics a peeling wall texture. The papers that hold the hieroglyphs have been hand coated and brushed to give it that authentic look. This range has been developed after months of extensive research on hieroglyphs, papers and textures…….. Truly a collectors range.

Only available at our Studio and at Full Circle Bookstore (Khan Market & Greater Kailash I, N Block Market, New Delhi)

Further on we will also be launching the limited edition calendars for 2009 in this range.

Egyptian Cards & Journals


The hieroglyphs have been printed on a specially designed handmade paper that mimics a peeling wall texture. The papers that hold the hieroglyphs have been hand coated and brushed to give it that authentic look. (View Picture below)

Handmade Card

Handmade Card

Handmade Greeting Cards

The cards were hand coated and brushed in brown, then the specially designed paper with the peeling texture and the hieroglyphs was placed over them. Comes in four different hieroglyphs/designs.

Greeting Card

Greeting Card

Handmade Card

Handmade Card

Notebooks & Journals

Notebooks have ruled pages printed with hieroglyph headers and footers. The covers were first hand coated and brushed in brown, then the hieroglyphs were etched on them by a special process and finally the specially designed paper with the peeling texture and the hieroglyphs was placed over them. Comes with a matching complimentary bookmark with jute fiber.

Handmade Journal

Handmade Journal

Egyptian Journal

Egyptian Journal

Egyptian Art

Egyptian Art

Egyptian Paper

Egyptian Paper

Pencil Box With Three Pencils

Each box contains three pencils. All pencils are covered with handmade paper. The box has a sliding mechanism attached to a jute string for closure.

Egyptian Gifts - Pencil Box

Egyptian Gifts - Pencil Box

Individual Bookmarks

Each bookmark has gone through the same process as mentioned in the notebooks section. It has jute fiber attached with a bead at the top.

They are individually packed and are available in three different hieroglyphs.

Egyptian Paper - Papyrus

Egyptian Paper - Papyrus

Handmade Spice Card

A greeting card handmade from real spices like chillies, bay leaves and cloves. The paper used is 100% handmade & recycled from cotton rags. A perfect dinner invite!
Spice Card

Spice Card


Spice Paper

Other Spice Paper

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Recycled Paper Jewelry

Re-cycled Paper Jewelry

My first love and medium of choice is paper. While working with this medium I feel a sense of joy and belonging and I am always trying to mould it into a variety of products. This range of paper jewellery is handmade from recycled and 100% wood free paper. It has a special transparent coating to make it water-proof. The black border holding the quilled pendant is also recycled board. They are sold as a set, consisting of a pendant and a pair of drop earrings. A variety of colours are available.

This in other words is environmentally responsible fashion.

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