Drawing books

Make a statement with our pocket-sized sketchbooks covered in vintage newsprint and raw silk. The drawing sheets are handmade from white recycled cotton. Chlorine, acid and lignin free. Available in a variety of sizes at our stores in Mumbai and Delhi.


Prototype. Motorcycle.

I had this on my mind for a few years and now it’s time; the first piece is ready and more will follow. With every piece we make, it gets better as we polish off the small issues that remain. Each is a labour of love, with multiple parts individually die-cast, this truly is a masterpiece! 

Coming soon to our store in Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai.

Forgotten art

Diwali time is when "the studio" gets into a cleaning drive. It’s the time to discover hidden gems tucked away in corners; lost amongst a multitude of prototypes and samples. For more than a decade now, I have been picking up interesting stuff from here and there and tucking them away safely for use later when I have more time to spare. While clearing a few shelves I chanced upon this beautiful box of hypotrochoid art set. We did see basic versions in our childhood and to me it brings back beautiful memories of lines, complex curves and pens. Hypotrochoids are mathematical curves traced by a point in a circle(your pen) rolling around the inside of a bigger circle. These curves have been studied by mathematicians for centuries.