Ghats of Benares


This is where I start my journey through the by-lanes of Benares overlooking the ghats.


While exploring the old city of Benares, I came across Aakash, one of four brothers running Bana Lassi. Just nineteen months old, this place is cosy, with good seating and had many forms of art across its walls.
How did he start: In today’s digital world, his earlier business of books was not doing well therefore he was looking out to do something else and that’s how this place came to be.
The name Bana Lassi: Japanese pronounce ‘R’ as ‘L’ therefore Banarasi became ‘Bana Lassi’


In Benares you must have one of these gamcha’s around your neck. I got one.


Goodbye Benares, I take back a bag full of memories, inspiration and spiritual fulfilment. I will be back to explore and learn more from this timeless city.