Bookmarks In Metal

A timeless gift for you and for your loved ones.
Try our bookmarks for the joy of reading and let them be companions of your books for many years to come. Every bookmark that you use, grows on to you and becomes a personal accompaniment.
Anand Prakash has sold over 2 million bookmarks in over 250 designs. Our pieces are made in India by skilled artisans and are of the highest quality and finish. Shop from our website and have gifts delivered across India.

Bookmark by Anand Prakash

Handmade journals

For the love of writing. Fresh new colours in our banana fiber journals. Hand stitched using 100% recycled paper sourced from rural recycling units. The joy of writing on textured and uneven paper is an experience in itself, come try our papers at our store in Kala Ghoda and experience its versatility.

Don’t miss the little birdie in the corner of the picture!

Horses inspired from Kala Ghoda

Horses, inspired by Kalaghoda. White and gold instead of the typical black. Here's our fresh new range of notecards, jewelry, pencils, cuff links, paperweights, key chains, notebooks and notepads. Now available at our flagship store at Kalaghoda, Fort.

Some things can’t be replaced

“Some things can’t be replaced”, she said while changing cars and posting a picture of our India map bookmark.

Entrepreneur Swati Randev-Verma visited our Mumbai Airport store in the year 2013 and left the below feedback, “ I love your products – the map of India(bookmark) sits proudly dangling from the rear view mirror of my red mustang!” Her husband Rohit has the Ek Onkar bookmark in his car, he is a triathlete and an Ironman participant. 

Swati has launched her own social enterprise Ahem Asmi 


Chaos by Anand Prakash

Office Accessories in Rhodium

Why Chaos?

Many years ago, on a visit to old Delhi, I took a detour through Kinari Bazaar.  I usually take a cycle-rickshaw because it gives me an opportunity to enjoy its by-lanes. While on the rickshaw, I noticed the loose wires that were hanging above the road; It was an unbelievable mess but all the more beautiful. There was something about it that I liked therefore the next day I created these entangled lines. I then forgot about it because at that time this wasn’t my style.

A few months back I was sifting through old files when I discovered it again. It was the right time to make good use of this idea that was lying in cold storage because I have become more experimental and assertive in my work, I am exploring more and working on ideas that are conceptual and more independent. It is different from my earlier work which was more mass-market. I do not wish to limit myself, either in the materials that I use or in the ideas that I generate.

I have been doing new things consistently for over a decade now or else I would not be able to hold the attention of many of my patrons who still swear by my work. This is a limited edition of office accessories, bookmarks and jewellery. With time this will lead to more products and designs.

Chaos Pen Holder Rhodium Plated

Jewellery in Rhodium by Anand Prakash

Chaos inspiration123

Inspired by hypotrochoid art set

I have loved these since childhood. It brings back beautiful memories of lines, complex curves, gears in different sizes and coloured pens. Hypotrochoids are mathematical curves traced by a point in a circle(your pen) rolling around the inside of a bigger circle. These curves have been studied by mathematicians for centuries. The below range of bookmarks, handmade journals and envelopes have been inspired from hypotrochoid drawing sets.

Hypotrochoid by Anand Prakash

Hypotrochoid Bookmark by Anand Prakash Handmade Journals by Anand Prakash

Online Store For Bookmarks by Anand Prakash – Now Open!

Anand Prakash online store

Our online store for bookmarks is now open at for deliveries in India only. In a few months time we should have international deliveries too. Shipping is free on purchases above Rs500/-

Now you do not need to run-around looking for stores that have our products, there is also a guarantee of availability of all the 28 designs featured in our store. All orders are shipped to the address of your choice in India by the domestic service of FedEx. We accept payments by credit card, debit card, online bank transfer, cash card, direct bank deposit, etc.

Each bookmark comes with a complimentary envelope which can be used for gifting.

The Hindi Letters

I find Hindi very stylish, fashionable and something that’s close to my roots. I have launched a range of products that primarily focus on the Hindi letters and language, starting with bookmarks, clocks and journals…I will be releasing more designs and products shortly.


Handmade Clock Designer Wall Clock

Bookmark Hindli Letters(BM-45) Bookmark Hindi Numbers(BM-46) Bookmark Meri Kitab (BM-44) Bookmark Gayatri Mantra (BM-43)