Journals that I kept for myself

I just couldn’t part with these beautiful limited edition journals made from old maps dating back to British-India. 

I did not have the heart to send them to the stores therefore they are lying neatly packed in my studio for the last few years. 

Sometimes I do give these away to people I like :)

Vintage stamps and documents

We at Anand Prakash always use old, original and authentic stamps and vintage documents in our pieces of art. We search the length and breadth of the country, villages, hamlets and obscure towns to get these beauties. Our stories of chasing such antiquities is something which needs a separate post on our blog some day. We plead, cajole, request and spend a bomb to get you the rarest and the best. Thousands of these flow in and beautiful products flow out for that special you who is going to treasure it for times to come. #anandprakash #vintage #stamps #britishindia #princelystates #olddocuments #india

Vintage Stamps by Anand Prakash