On Global Tiger Day, a stanza from one of my favourite poems:

Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
~ by William Blake

I fondly remember Betla tiger reserve that was very close to our home, every year we would visit the wildlife park and hire a jeep with extra lights. While in the park, small movements would startle us and our guide would tell us about the animal that we could rarely see. In the small eating joint around the park, there was a notice board that had the name of the visitor who last sighted a Tiger. Many a times our vehicle was chased by wild elephants and the only animals that we saw in abundance were deer and bison.

Coming soon, a range of products with the Tiger as a theme.

Luxe journals

At Anand Prakash a silk journal being set with our luxe and ornate metal piece. We use the best tools and techniques to give you a world class product handcrafted in India. We are obsessed with quality, each piece passes through multiple hands for quality checks and yes we double-check every single page in the journal. #anandprakashstories

5th of June Project – Softbound Journals

To get back to colour, here is a set of six soft bound journals available individually and in a recycled wood case. Six journals, six languages, six colours, 100 % recycled wood-free paper.


Recycled newspaper journals by Anand Prakash

World Environment DayJournals by Anand Prakash

Jaipur range of journals inspired by Rajasthan

Jaipur Range

An exquisitely hand-stitched journal inspired by the city of Jaipur using paper and printed cotton sourced from its by lanes.

It has forty blank pages recycled from natural jute fibre with no added color. Each journal comes with an intricately-cut bookmark in the shape of a Jharokha (an overhanging enclosed balcony used in Rajputana architecture)

Jaipur range of journals

Jharokha final

Jharokha Bookmark

Scriptum Range Continued – Journal and pencils

DSC_0481Another addition to our Scriptum range. The yellow papers with the script are actually ledger sheets from account books maintained in the 1980’s. Each Journal has a silk spine with ruled pages in mill made paper.