Horses inspired from Kala Ghoda

Horses, inspired by Kalaghoda. White and gold instead of the typical black. Here's our fresh new range of notecards, jewelry, pencils, cuff links, paperweights, key chains, notebooks and notepads. Now available at our flagship store at Kalaghoda, Fort.

5th of June – Limited edition handmade pencil sets

With all the colour around, I did not forget the actual black and white newspapers that I initially began with, these were more difficult because newspapers nowadays are all coloured and we had to desperately look for black and white portions, we have not wasted an inch, we have all the cuttings.
There is something about these black & white newspapers, this is what strikes you when you think of newspapers, the coloured portions looked so artificial and did not inspire us much… ladies and gentlemen the original idea that I began with, our coveted set of 12 pencils in 12 languages. This truly is a masterpiece which I too wanted to have.
What do you think?

Handmade Pencils

Newspaper Pencil

Handmade Pencil Box Pencil Box

Scriptum Range Continued – Journal and pencils

DSC_0481Another addition to our Scriptum range. The yellow papers with the script are actually ledger sheets from account books maintained in the 1980’s. Each Journal has a silk spine with ruled pages in mill made paper.