Horses inspired from Kala Ghoda

Horses, inspired by Kalaghoda. White and gold instead of the typical black. Here's our fresh new range of notecards, jewelry, pencils, cuff links, paperweights, key chains, notebooks and notepads. Now available at our flagship store at Kalaghoda, Fort.

Write-up in Pool, India’s First International Design Magazine

This piece is very well written. It sums-up my tryst with design.

I have talked about my past, my motivations and inspirations, my studio, the materials that I work with, my relationships with suppliers and craftsmen, how I started, difficulties that I faced, challenges, strategies, etc. I hope you enjoy reading. (Click the picture to enlarge)

Anand Prakash Pool Magazine

(Click the picture to enlarge)

The Hindi Letters

I find Hindi very stylish, fashionable and something that’s close to my roots. I have launched a range of products that primarily focus on the Hindi letters and language, starting with bookmarks, clocks and journals…I will be releasing more designs and products shortly.


Handmade Clock Designer Wall Clock

Bookmark Hindli Letters(BM-45) Bookmark Hindi Numbers(BM-46) Bookmark Meri Kitab (BM-44) Bookmark Gayatri Mantra (BM-43)