Aeronautical range

Aeronautical range. It’s been five years at the Mumbai Airport and some of our most loyal and ardent patrons are pilots and crew members. This is our way of saying Thank You for your support and patronage across the years. We hope to be with you while you waltz across the skies.

A surprise a day, 365 days in a year

A surprise gift for one lucky visitor, every day, in every Anand Prakash store. We are always thinking of something new, something to delight our customers with. 

Feedback forms

A new batch of weekly feedback forms that come to us from our Mumbai Airport stores. A big thank you to all our patrons who take the time to write to us. You are our inspiration. We are reading your feedback and trying to work on most of them.

Perks of working at our retail stores

Perks of working at our retail stores… At Anand Prakash normal and the ordinary don’t work, we did not like the nylon lanyards & plastic identity card holders that were available in the market so we thought let’s make one ourselves, you know if all of us put our minds together we can be very-very creative. In our signature style, with 24 k gold plating, here’s an identity card holder like no other.

Anand Prakash Identity Card 2