Jhola or bag


Uniform at NID.
Their cloth bags aka “Jholas” are nice, they remind me of Palamau in Jharkhand where these are used by the local populace. Long before they became fashionable in the cities, they played an integral part across the rural hinterland. The long-lasting plastic and nylon ones were up-cycled from old sugar and cement sacks. In my childhood, when the only mode of long-distance travel available to us were trains, I would notice these with the rural folk often wondering what they held inside. Many of them travelled with just one of these; packing enough for their journey ahead. I guess these were affordable, easy to carry, fold, stuff or rest their weary heads on.

AT NID, Ahmedabad


You never stop learning!
At NID for a few days attending a workshop on design thinking.
Around the year 1999, when I realised that my true calling was craft and design, I tried for admission here, my form was rejected because I was over the age limit of 22. I then taught myself through books and practical hands-on experiences. Every now and then I get requests for jobs and internships from NID graduates and post-grads. I have come a long way since then and my quest to learn and better myself will continue.

Birds at NID campus

Listen to the birds chirping away amongst the lush green foliage of the NID campus in Ahmedabad. Intentionally, there is no visual in this video because our senses work better one at a time. 
The atmosphere here is laid-back and relaxed. Life moves at its own leisurely pace giving the students and faculty ample of time to find their strengths and nurture their creative mind.