Packaging for an upcoming range


This is just the packaging.
The product has been ready for some time now and the effort in its packaging is more elaborate and time-consuming. The saying "The first impression is the last impression!" holds true.
Coming soon…

Raw and torn edged paper labels

At the genesis of my creative journey, normal and ordinary was not on my creative palette. I liked the raw look of paper therefore started tearing away the edges. A few years later, the idea of a raw look was bolstered by my mentor and trend stylist Milou Ket.

Torn edges are now de rigueur in my work. We tear thousands of labels by hand and in exactly the same size; a skill in abundance at Anand Prakash. The distinct pink of the paper is another story for another future post. 

Complimentary envelopes

The complimentary envelopes that go out with our pieces of art, 1 envelope with 3 hot-foil impressions and 2 screen-prints, Over 30 years of experience have gone into those hands to bring you beautiful foiling. We are hysterical about our packaging, sometimes much more than the pieces of art.