Aeronautical range

Aeronautical range. It’s been five years at the Mumbai Airport and some of our most loyal and ardent patrons are pilots and crew members. This is our way of saying Thank You for your support and patronage across the years. We hope to be with you while you waltz across the skies.



I am insanely-crazy about pencils therefore I keep looking for more ways to do new things. At this juncture of my design style, metal is a key signature therefore I keep adding subtle hints of it even though a lot of my work uses recycled, reclaimed and up cycled material. The metallic caps on the pencils are triangular in shape and require seven die impressions, it took us over a year to perfectly fit them on our pencils.

Meri pencil

Stationery is personal again. I love stationery and I splurge when I see something nice. Meri kitab, my timeless journal, meri pencil, etc is my idea of creating a sense of belonging for it. In so many years of my creative journey, I have met numerous people who just love pencils. My journey with them began in the summer of 1999 and It continues till today with a huge variety in vintage documents, blueprints, maps, etc. The pencil cap featured in this picture is a masterpiece in itself, It took me close to a year, three master karigars, 7 dies and numerous other improvisations to get it to snugly fit. I have so many pencils that I just wish that I had more to write…#anandprakash #pencils #stationery#handmade #goldplated#loveforstationery #mypencil

Meri Pencil by Anand Prakash

Vintage Newsprint, Circa 1971

DSC_0318 DSC_0326 

I love the newspaper as much as other people despise it and I read two full editions DSC_0273every single day.

This is my ode to thee!

While traveling I came across an organisation that was discarding old newspapers that were bound in volumes. These vintage newspapers are dated 1971 and have yellowed and aged with time. I aptly thought of creating a new range of handmade journals, boxes and pencils with them. I have some left which I may use on some of my walls.

DSC_0346 DSC_0350 DSC_0313