Recycled wood packaging

Paperweights neatly packaged in recycled wood boxes.

Why this wood? I try and use recycled material wherever aesthetically possible. This wood was originally used for packaging imported goods and then discarded into small pieces. We buy them in bad shape and our carpenters work their magic in creating beautiful boxes to package an Anand Prakash product. 

The metamorphosis is like every other product that we design; simple and ordinary to beautiful. All such boxes are marked “recycled wood” and it’s a small step towards reducing, reusing and recycling.

5th Of June Project

I gave you two days, and 100 of you gave me 175 different brands of newspapers in more than 40 languages from across the world. Even if it was one newspaper that you sent, it meant a lot to us.
You gave me 365 days to give you something back, and I have tried my best, I left no stone unturned, I went through a gruelling month of work, put my team through a lot of pressure, here is our labour of love, creativity and passion….The 5th of June Project.
This I dedicate to my wife Sumita, without whose support none of this would have been possible.
I will across the day share a variety of things that we have created.
Colour is something that we never associate with newspapers, We therefore thought of adding some colour to your newspapers…

 Recycled Newspaper Journal by Anand Prakash 

Coloured Newspaper Design DSC_1552


5th of June project–The countdown begins

It always begins with an idea and then the work starts. You build up on this idea and while this is happening, many new thoughts join in to ultimately create a work of art. After the initial idea, its time to take a call on the process and development that we will follow, we need to understand if this is feasible during the manufacturing and fabrication process. We need to visualise the complete product till its in the hand of the consumer. Many complications arise during the process and we need to improvise, sometimes we need to sacrifice important parts of the idea so that they stay feasible for the latter processes.

Every one can design a great piece and do a sample but the challenge lies in manufacturing or fabricating it in numbers. That’s where are speciality lies, we have honed our skills during the last 15 years to do exactly this. We churn out thousands of pieces with the same consistency and quality, its comes with experience. All our units are set, we have craftsmen and suppliers who have been with us for a decade now.

The countdown for the 5th of June has begun, its time we shared a little of our story that went into this project. To start with here is a picture of the room we created with newspapers. This was just to get my team excited to do something creative with the 5th of June newspapers. The newspapers have been attached in such a way that they can be removed without any damage. We will eventually be using them in our products once our existing stock of the 5th of June papers has been exhausted. I call that recycling for a purpose.

#worldenvironmentday #recycle #newspapers #handmadepaper

Newspaper Project by Anand Prakash

Workshop on Recycling at Bookaroo Childrens Literature Festival

Anand Prakash at Bookaroo2011I was invited to hold a workshop on recycling at “Bookaroo” – Festival of Children’s Literature. Papercraft is not only my profession but also my passion therefore I readily agreed. It was for a group of 40-45 children. The theme was “There are no rules when it comes toRecycling Workshop at Bookaroo recycling”. I decided that we would not use any scissors but only tear, tear and tear. “One Day Waste Project” that was what I called the raw material that I took for the participants. i.e. I collected waste from my manufacturing unit and prepared 45 sets to use at the workshop. It was good fun working with paper again because lately I have become more of an entrepreneur and any excuse to get my hands on any kind of paper is welcome.

Recycling Rules Young minds at work Papercraft Workshop at Bookaroo

It was a beautiful Sunday morning at Sanskriti Kendra, Anandgram. This place has a beautiful museum on Terracota with well-manicured lawns, amphitheatre and lots of greenery. It was a perfect setting for the festival. My workshop was on schedule with more participants than we had space for. We accommodated all of them along with some younger participants who sat with their parents. It was an hour of fun with paper and at the end all we could say was….recycle, recycle and recycle.

This is an amazing festival that is four years old now. Authors of children’s books, speakers and illustrators from across the globe were invited to mesmerise the children. There were sessions on writing, story telling, composing songs, book reading, creating comic strips, etc. (Read more here)

All in all it was a good day.

Some more pictures of the festival:

Bookaroo Childrens Literature Festival Bookaroo Festival Workshops at Bookaroo Festival Bookshop at the Festival Authors at Bookaroo