Trophies for my alma mater

Trophy for my alma-mater Wynberg Allen school and for the joy of running. In school I was ok in a few sports, the marathon was one where I once won a bronze medal. I represented school in the inter school marathon, this gave me an opportunity and permission to only practice running in the evenings while everyone else was busy in other seasonal sports, sometimes we ran till the Woodstock diversion, sometimes till the Mussoorie Jheel and sometimes in pouring rain. I once was so tired that I got back on a water tanker. 

While the interest in cross-country lasted a year or so, I later lost touch and drifted to other sports like roller hockey. In Delhi, last year I got back to running after a hiatus of 20 years, I was overweight and I started with walking, in a month or so I gradually moved to running, I did 15 kms and felt the same rush of adrenaline like old times. I may not be the best but I will always complete the race; something that has been ingrained since childhood. 

Good luck to all the runners participating in the WAS half marathon.

Anand Prakash For Wynberg Allen School

DSC_0027Long ago on a foggy morning in the year 1984, a young six year old boy from a sleepy nondescript town entered the hallowed gates of the junior school of Wynberg Allen, a boarding school in the hills of Mussoorie. The school was going to be home for the coming twelve years. His father put him here because good educational institutions were non-existent in the hinterland; a sacrifice that also needed courage. He wanted his child to grow-up in a good environment where there would be all-round development.

With time the young lad got into the daily routine of a boarding school. It was Mrs Mishra who spotted his knack for craft and kept him busy with assignments. There was no hurry, they lived life in the very heart of nature with a stream flowing by. Studies, games, activities, exeats, friends, Diwali, Christmas, etc. were all a part of school life. The child absorbed much and moved to senior school where his talent for craft kept him busy with class decorations, art rooms, etc. Even though he was not an art student, Mr. Mishra the art teacher could sense his interest and latent talent, he was offered multiple assignments on the side-lines to hone his skills. The art teacher loved his creative instincts and to the child’s amazement offered him the chairman’s prize for art if he could do a few projects related to art and craft.

The child now all grown-up was appointed school captain, he served his Alma Matter well with all fairness and devotion and while doing this could not find the time to fulfil the terms for the chairman’s prize.

While in Delhi life took a different turn and after failing on all fronts in life he sat down to do what he did best…create objects with his own hands… and the rest is history.

This boy is your very own Anand Prakash, He has lately designed a range of souvenirs for Wynberg Allen School and more are on the anvil. He takes this opportunity to thank WAS and its devoted teachers for making him what he is…Life for him has come a Full Circle!


The above souvenirs are available at the school.